Stock exchanges of small economies

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A Stock exchange is a corporation or mutual organization which provides facilities for stockbrokers and traders to trade stocks and other securities. It may be a physical trading room where the traders gather, or a formalised communications network.

Creation of a stock exchange is a strategy of economic development: Stock markets may enhance economic activity through the creation of liquidity: At the same time, companies enjoy permanent access to capital raised through equity issues. It has been found that countries that open stock markets grow faster, on average, than the control groups. An alternative view is that market liquidity may also hurt economic growth, because it encourages short-termism.

Foreign ownership of securities and assets is often unappealing. Countries without a stock exchange include Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Afx trading on line stocks Stock Exchange as of [update] was the world's smallest stock exchange by market capitalisation. The Angolan Stock Exchange is a proposed stock exchange in Angola. First announced in[7] the Stock Exchange was hoping to afx trading on line stocks during the first quarter of the fiscal year, [8] though in August Aguinaldo Jaime said that the launch would be "a task for the next government Afghanistan Stock Exchange is part of the planned Economic development of Afghanistan.

It will operate Afghanistan's first liquid exchange to offer the most diverse array of financial products and services. AFX will bring together cash afx trading on line stocks exchanges and foreign exchanges, to be the leader for listings, trading in cash equities, equity and interest rate derivativesbonds and the distribution of market data in Afghanistan.

It was first established on 14 April It is very small, with only 4 companies listed. The Afx trading on line stocks Stock Exchange was incorporated and began operations in June Securities and Exchange Commission.

Now it is a self-regulated organization like the New York Stock Exchangeowned by the 50 or so member brokerage firms. Trading is done with pen and paper. Buyers shout at or call into their brokers, who stand their white dry-erase boards that list each company's share buy and sell price. This continues despite plans to implement electronic trading. Trading was suspended for several months in due to violence, [14] and is subject to power outages.

It was incorporated in Afx trading on line stocks and trading started in April ; it is a member of the African Stock Exchanges Association. There are currently 27 listed companies. The Douala Stock Exchange is the official market for securities in Cameroon. It is located in Douala.

It was created in December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange. A Spur to Economic Growth". World Bank's Policy Research Department. Dow Jones Financial News Online. Economic classification of countries. Developed country Developing country Least Developed Countries Afx trading on line stocks Bank high-income economy Newly industrialized country Heavily indebted poor countries.

By country past and projected per capita per capita. By country future estimates per capita per capita per hour worked per person employed. Nominal, Atlas method per capita PPP per capita. Gross National Happiness Net material product Research and development spending. Retrieved from " https: Stock exchanges Economic development. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nominal By country past and projected per capita per afx trading on line stocks.

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