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Do you intend to start an eCommerce business and are not sure about trending products to sell? Crafting goods for selling Read More. Andreas was named one of 50 Magento Contributors in In the interview, Andreas talks about his activities in the Magento Community, the most challenging projects, shares his experience visiting various Magento Read More. Many of us erroneously believe that launching a website equipped with an XML sitemap will automatically get all its pages crawled and indexed.

In this regard, some autotradingbinary prospectus 2017 and misconceptions build up. The most common ones are: Google automatically crawls all sites and does it fast.

When crawling a website, Google autotradingbinary prospectus 2017 all links and Read More. Not that I disagree, but price does make or break autotradingbinary prospectus 2017 sale. The other day, the leading search engine started to send out emails that inform merchants about the termination of integration between its Merchant Center and three big eCommerce platforms: Magento, BigCommerce and PrestaShop.

What is Google Merchant Center? Google Merchant Center was autotradingbinary prospectus 2017 to Read More. Direct traffic, organic search, referral, paid search…There is a multitude of channels Read More.

My bad, making such a mistake is as ugly as a mud fence. In comparison to single-offer pages, this page type autotradingbinary prospectus 2017 Read More. Being in dilemma between country-specific and generic domain extensions is perfectly natural when choosing the name for your online business.

While country-specific ones would be a great choice for online stores that target local consumers, some general domain extensions are simply more familiar to customers and business owners. Top 50 Magento Contributors: Discover the GamesINC success story! Subscribe to Us Email address: Leave this field empty if you're human: Secondary Menu Contact Us.

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Before Kronos, Peter held the position of Technical Director with Brokat Technologies, a global provider of mobile payment solutions. Prior to that, Peter was a Sr. Architect with GemStone Systems, providing distributed, enterprise-ready data grid and object persistence solutions and J2EE application server technologies. He is a technology addict and evangelist and has led many grass-roots efforts to introduce leading edge, advanced technologies and development processes.

A lifetime learner, Peter thrives on digesting new technologies and sharing his discoveries with others. To find out more about Peter, check out his LinkedIn profile: Server-side JavaScript is everywhere these days! This session explores some practical architectural techniques and tools that can make your server-side JS easier to develop, test, manage and deploy. Server-side JavaScript is part of almost every modern web app's tech stack.

It is a powerful, versatile tool you can leverage to solve virtually every problem you can image. Its versatility and popularity guarantees that, once introduced to your organization, you will soon have a plethora of server-side JS applications to manage. This poses a number of problems for an enterprise architect: How do I maximize reuse across projects? How do I even enable reuse in JS?

Are there best practices I should follow? How do I manager 3rd party libraries? Are there coding practices, patterns or standards I should adopt and champion across my teams? What about name spacing concerns?

What about packaging and deployment? What if I write libraries for use on both client and server? What tools are available to help you address some of these concerns? Client-side JavaScript can get out of control easily. This session explores practical architectural solutions targeted to make your client-side JS easier more reliable, easier to develop and more performant.

Front-end developers love their JavaScript. It is sleek, powerful and very cool. But how do you architect a strategy for dealing with the tens of thousands of lines of code your developers will eventually write not to mention the countless JavaScript libraries your developers want to add to your projects? How do you divvy up the code and organize things in a logical way so that you can find specific code easily? What about namespacing concerns?

File management and dynamic loading? Writing libraries for use on both client and server? There is no doubt that Angular is now mainstream.

That made it easier for you to convince the powers-that-be to let you select Angular for your project. You've done a small but successful POC and now your 'big' project has been green lighted to kick off next month. Your team is jazzed but as you start to plan out the real work, you begin to realize that there are many aspects inherrent to large Angular projects that have no 'out of the box' answers.

Stack overflow can only contribute 'it depends' answers that leave you more confused than before you read them. And now the panic starts to seep in, killing your buzz.

In this session, we will explore a variety of ways to architect your project and structure your code. We will look at the pros and cons of each option and discuss when trigger points for choosing each. You are viewing details from a past event. Please check our upcoming event schedule if you are looking for current content. Server-side architecture patterns Thu Join us as we explore these and other JavaScript server-side architecture conundrums.

Client-side architecture patterns Thu 1: Join us as we explore these and other JavaScript client-side architecture dilemmas. A roadmap for the hearty traveller Thu 3: