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While researching for a topic, I was led to Wikipedia. Just before this round beispielrechnung put option appeals, there was an earlier donation appeal and I beispielrechnung put option, one earlier as well. Given the track record, and current state of the economy, I doubt this will be the last of donation appeals. Why does the Wikimedia foundation who run Wikipedia not want to place any ads on Wikipedia?

If Wikipedia places a simple text link ad Adsense? Wikipedia receives over 10 billion page views a month. For the sake of calculation, I will consider 10 billion page views exactly. Is the Wikimedia foundation afraid to take on that much money? Are they afraid that they will beispielrechnung put option served with all sorts of lawsuits copyright, defamation, piracy, etc… when they see some green?

No one wanted to sue a small YouTube company, with no money. One of the main reasons if not the main reason that people stop contributing beispielrechnung put option the lack of financial reward. Editing a wiki is exciting at first, but the amount of time that has to be invested, especially in this kind of economy, is not appealing to many people.

The sheer statistics are overwhelming. There are a little over 8. In other words, Wikimedia Foundation — it is time you start making money and rewarding people, starting with your employees. To close, here is a tid-bit from beispielrechnung put option archives March where Jimmy Wales talks about advertising:. Why not bother to do a little research before running your mouth? I for one, as a long-time Wikipedia contributor, would really hate to see ads next to the content that I helped created in my valuable spare time for the benefit of community.

Occasionaly, I am willing to donate money to Wikimedia for the good job of enabling quality content without washing our brains with unwanted ads — a rare place of sanity in this world.

I just hate ads on my hobby projects and would most definitely quit if I see them on Wikipedia. Personally I have no objection to ads on Wikipedia, but the above is strong enough reason to consider them a deeply bad idea.

Terrible idea which would not only be contrary to the entire beispielrechnung put option of Wikipedia but also compromise its integrity as a nonprofit foundation.

Advertising revenue beispielrechnung put option taxable, even by a nonprofit. Paying contributors would open up an even bigger can of worms both legally and editorially which would completely destroy the current dynamic. One of the biggest strengths of Wikipedia has been that although the content is free it remains the central source for the definitive text of that content.

Commercializing Wikipedia with advertisements, or worse, paying some editors, would overnight guarantee an exodus of both readers and writers and a balkanization of Wikipedia content. It would also eliminate overnight its pool of cash and in-kind donors who would see no reason to donate to a commercial entity.

Why does Wikimedia need M of advertising revenues? It is doing just fine with its current revenue. Every year Wikimedia rakes in far more donations than the previous, and expands its programs.

If there was a problem raising revenue, Wikipedia would not go offline. Maybe Wikimania would be scaled down or some of the big administrative staff would have to take a paycut or take a hike.

They are ugly, and no serious Wikipedia user consults them. Wikipedia founder almost begs for donations and very few persons gave beispielrechnung put option. Within those that give something I count not only those that give money beispielrechnung put option also those that contribute.

All those people that are coming now will come no matter if there are ads or not, and the wikipedia will have money to make its content even more relevant and rich. Contributors stop due to sabotage by other editors. I created a Wikipedia account for correcting 1 article.

In my beispielrechnung put option it was a description of a photograph. Adding ads on Wikipedia is an insanely bad idea. Wiki has done lots of work to be a credible source to include when working on a project. Crying that wiki is a bad source to refere to is more an old habit then it is actually true. Now take a look at all those checklists that can help you determin if a source is useable and credible. Most wikipedia pages score pretty good. This is for a reason too, but now wiki is free of this, lets keep it this way.

Donations, annoying beispielrechnung put option intermittent as they may be, are paying for beispielrechnung put option spiffy shiny foundation and staff, the servers, bandwidth, beispielrechnung put option conferences just fine. C Would undoubtedly eventually lead to conflict over ad revenue versus content. Even if content won those conflicts hands down, the conflict would be disruptive.

Sure, we could turn Wikipedia into a cash cow. And most people who go there to read articles would still go there. Wikipedia is a charity organization, and a free service to the world.

It needs operating funds, but we have those covered. But what concerns me more than the plausible prediction of an epic failure of WMF is beispielrechnung put option fraud that is being perpetrated on the donors and the disservice being delivered to impressionable 21st Century youth who have fallen into the anachronistic culture of the Jimbonic Jackboot Juggernaut as it ambles down the Puerile Pogrom Parade.

More than anything, it grieves me to watch these youngsters fall into reprehensible fascistic practices that ethical pioneers fought so hard to eradicate down through the past beispielrechnung put option of bloody political history.

Adrian — This is another big reason why contributors leave — citation for everything. George William Herbert — Libraries rely on fines and renting out facilities rooms, beispielrechnung put option.

There comes a time when you have to put ads to support operational costs. Earlier this month, a teacher in San Diego placed ads on a test since the school cut costs for supplies and he had to spend his own money so beispielrechnung put option children could get a better education ridiculous, I know.

He placed ads to cover his costs. Quality may suffer — but look at Google Answers now defunct vs. Yahoo Answers as far as quality is concerned. This way it would be possible to serve both interests. Instead of a donation banner on top, it would appear a request to opt in.

Wikipedia is a community. The idea that a lack of financial reward stops volunteers from contributing is unproven and controversial, to say the least; see http: Hope you find my blog, http: I wonder when they will start to beg for money again? Donations are out of beispielrechnung put option question. This post was slashdotted and brought in over visitors that week, which was pretty impressive […].

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Beispielrechnung put option me of new posts by email. So, why should I bother doing research, taking photographs, or writing anything at all? Ads DO ,if you like it or not, taint a sites objectivity in one way or another. The day Wikipedia starts paying contributors is the day I stop contributing.

Will we start putting ads inside books and reference material of all kinds too? Ad beispielrechnung put option no ads, people will still keep coming back. What do you think? On registered people not contributing: Right now, I still got a long way to go. I hope to see more posts! Enter your email address: Subscription by FeedBurner TechieLife.

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