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If you come from a non-EU country and would like to study in Germany, you will probably need a berliner sparkasse s broker account. Here you can find out more about a blocked account and how to open it. As a foreign student who is not from an EU Member State, you must furnish proof that you have the financial means to pay for your course of studies and for supporting yourself during your studies. Proof of financial resources must usually be provided when you apply for an entry visa and is a precondition when you apply for a residence permit in Germany.

Documentation of adequate means often requires a blocked account. This is a special account that is not freely accessible to the account holder. Students have to pay a minimum amount as required by law into the blocked account: Currently, a minimum of euros has to be berliner sparkasse s broker into the berliner sparkasse s broker for each month the student berliner sparkasse s broker to stay in Germany.

This amount will be blocked until the account holder arrives in Germany. Another particularity of blocked accounts is that there are limitations on the amount that can be withdrawn or transferred by the account holders within a defined period of time.

Currently, account holders berliner sparkasse s broker withdraw a maximum of euros per month from their account, unless they have paid in more than the prescribed minimum amount.

At present, there is no legal requirement for German berliner sparkasse s broker banks or other banks to offer blocked accounts to foreign students. You may find that the local savings bank in the city where you will attend university does not offer a blocked account because each of the more than savings banks in Germany is a separate berliner sparkasse s broker that defines its product range independently.

For this reason, your best option is to enquire at your local savings bank about opening an account. You can open a blocked account from home. To do so, you will need to fill in the necessary account application form of the savings bank or private bank concerned.

You can download the form from their website or have it sent to you by email. Berliner sparkasse s broker form is usually also available in English. In addition, you will need a copy of your valid passport and a confirmation of your admission to study. Do you have all the necessary documents? The consulate or embassy will then send your documents by mail to your savings bank or private bank. Once your documents have arrived in Germany, the savings bank or other bank will proceed to open your account.

This will take about one week. It may also be that one-off fees will be charged for setting up the account. You will then have to deposit the amount required by means of an international credit transfer.

For one academic year, for instance, you will have to deposit 8, euros — a pretty large sum. Maybe your family or friends can also help out and transfer money to the account. Have you arrived safely in Germany? Then you are welcome! All you need to do now is to visit your branch.

When you do, don't forget your passport and your visa. Once you have presented both, your account will be activated. You will be given your giro card and — if you like — your online banking access data. From now on, you will be able to withdraw cash and transfer funds from your blocked account. However, be aware that only the prescribed euros will be available to you per month. The remainder of the money in your account will remain blocked. Do you berliner sparkasse s broker more money per month?

Then you can deposit more than the required minimum amount into your account. Have you contacted the savings bank in the city where you berliner sparkasse s broker university and found out that this berliner sparkasse s broker bank does not offer any blocked accounts?

Usually, it berliner sparkasse s broker not possible to open a blocked account with another savings at a remote location. In addition, you will have to personally visit your branch at least once to activate your account. And if you have any questions with regard to your account or if you want to have an appointment with one of our customer relationship managers, it is good to have an account with a savings berliner sparkasse s broker that is very close. A blocked account is not necessarily required as proof of financial resources.

A scholarship, proof of parental income or a guarantee may also be sufficient. Check with the German consulate or the German embassy. By the way, if you would like to open a current account in addition to, berliner sparkasse s broker instead of, the blocked account, we would be pleased to help.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Germany, and we wish you all the best for your studies! Die wichtigsten Schritte ins Eigenheim Eigenkapital: Was tun nach einem Einbruch? Wer zahlt den Schaden? Modernisieren und sanieren Aus alt wird neu Unterschied renovieren, sanieren, modernisieren Was kostet eine Modernisierung? Erben und Vererben Checkliste: In Wertpapiere investieren Fakten statt Vorurteile Anlegen: Klicksparen Haushaltsrechner Top oder Flop?

Das sollten Azubis beachten Lehrlinge: Wann ist welcher der richtige? Was ist ein Trojaner? Olympia Partner Deutschland Leichte Sprache: Important questions and answers regarding a blocked account If you come from a non-EU country and would like to study in Germany, you will probably need a blocked account. What is a blocked account?

Do students have a right to a blocked account? To contact your savings bank now. How do I open a blocked account? Gathering documents You can open a blocked account from home. Having documents certified Do you have all the necessary documents? Transferring money Once your documents have arrived berliner sparkasse s broker Germany, the savings bank or other bank will proceed to open your account.

Withdrawing money in Germany Have you arrived safely in Germany? What can I do if my savings bank does not offer blocked accounts?

Is there any alternative to a blocked account? Ist das nicht Ihre Sparkasse?

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