An update on live kernel patching

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From time to time I need to use some old binary created for older Linux versions like Redhat 6. Sometimes, just making a symbolic link from the new library to the old name can be enough but not always. In this brief post I will talk about how to workaround the typical relocation errors and undefined symbols problems with old binaries. For this article I will binary patching linux a program and a library for the RSIB protocol if you search for it in Google or another search engine, you will find the binary patching linux online easily.

First of all, we need to check what symbols or libraries are missing. We need 2 symbolic links to those libraries. Now that we have our new library with the undefined symbol we need to patch the binaries and make them use libkk. We have to patch the library librsib. Another undefined symbol we have to implement in our libray. Looking in IDA the binary interactive it seems it only receives one parameter which, I guess, is the size of the memory to reserve:.

We can run some parts of the binary! But we need to define new more symbols. Still one more undefined symbol. Finally, we can run our binary patching linux binary in the new system without errors or at least what I tested. Patching Old Linux Binaries. Whats the plan with rsib? I mean, I did this just to help a friend who needed to use that library in recent binary patching linux.

Your email address will not be published. Binary patching linux in IDA the binary interactive it seems it only receives one parameter which, I binary patching linux, is the size of the memory to reserve: Type 'help' for help or 'q' to quit.

Type 'help' for help or 'q' to quit: Thanks to pancake for helping me with it some time ago! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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For awhile, I have wanted to write a simple tutorial of in-line patching of binaries and in particular, changing the assembly instructions and having a binary skip to whatever function we desire manually. This involves tweaking the callq instruction call can be altered too, but it refers to a static address vs. I am also assuming that you could find strings within binaries and know how to convert values in hexadecimal.

The example to be used in this test application contains a main function, and two functions function1 and function2 which print different messages.

The goal of this exercise is to modify the application AFTER it has been compiled so that function2 is executed instead of function1. Now compile the code using gcc -Wall -o test test.

Run the command objdump -D test and watch copious amounts of information be displayed on your screen. In particular, you are looking for these lines:. Take note of these lines: Now you are wondering okay so what do these three lines have to do anything; especially the line with the mov instruction.

In short is where we will be making our modifications of the binary in the hex editor, will be used to start our calculation of where function2 is located RELATIVE to where the callq instruction is located.

Next we calculate the relative difference to be used in our modification of the binary: Open hexedit and locate the callq instruction for function1 inside of the main function. Callq can be identified by E8 and 4 additional bytes. Run the binary and you should see function2 being executed. You may ask though, what is this address's sign? In a subsequent tutorial, I will demonstrate how to manipulate the binary to have a new function which was unknown during the original compilation.

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