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Binary option account type

You may refer to https: Clients excluding Accredited or Expert Investors are assessed whether they have the relevant knowledge or investment experience to invest in such unlisted investment product based on the following criteria:. The actual time may vary. Upon the receipt of your CFD account application forms, please allow us 7 business days to process your application.

You will receive an email containing your user log-in details, followed by your password in a pin mailer which will be mailed to you separately. Therefore, the use of a separate User ID and password will be required.

You may login to our CFD platform at https: Yes, only if you choose to trade CFDs "with advice" on account opening. You will be required to sign a financial advisory agreement where advice is charged at a fee on each occasion it is sought. What is the minimum deposit that I would need to place in my CFD account before I can commence trading? For new account funding, your funds will be added before 9am the next business day if you deposit funds before 12pm. If we receive your funds between 12pm - 5pm, the trading limit will be adjusted before 9am or after 3pm for new account funding on the next business day.

For new account funding, it will take another 2 to 3 business days. For new accounts, you should receive the funds within 2 business days if you transfer your funds before the bank cut-off time. Please key in 7 digits of your Cash Trading Account number as the reference no. You may provide us a withdrawal request in print, fax or email forms.

It will take about 5 business days before you are able to receive the payment. Is there any additional documentation required if I wish to trade in foreign CFD's? If I trade CFDs in other foreign market, can I make payment using foreign currency denominated cheques? Only USD denominated cheque drawn locally are accepted. You may also choose to email us at clientservices. What are the criteria for opening a CFD account? Clients excluding Accredited or Expert Investors are assessed whether they have the relevant knowledge or investment experience to invest in such unlisted investment product based on the following criteria: How long does it take to open a CFD Account and commence trading?

How will I know if my CFD account is activated? Can I trade CFD offline? How can I make a deposit into my CFD account? When will I receive the payment after I made a withdrawal request? Who can I contact for more information?