Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: The Big Saturday Interview with David Aronson

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I want to increase the usage and weightage of mathematics and statistics in my trading hence only books which evidence based technical trading options help me with that. Please people only comment if you can help me find books related to gaussian trading models, econometrics or probabilty distributions.

These are modern trading systems. Only people aware of these tell me about the books. For a trader both of them have written more like thesis paper.

But there is a wealth of information to digest. U can refer the free n paid webinars at Quantinsti. First of all, technical analysis is not about finding Lows to Buy or Highs to Sell.

Rather it is a mechanism or process by using which one can anticipate how fundamental parameters will churn out. What I am trying to portray is that, technical indicators are a function of the price. These indicators are derived from the price of the asset not vice-versa. Price is not dependent on these indicators. Thus, technical analysis is a factor of fundamental reasons. So, throw evidence based technical trading options technical analysis and concentrate on fundas only?

Fundamental Analysis can also be wrong. The best economists in US could not foresee the recession in There are zillion of instances wherein a Stock Earnings Report shows massive Growth, awesome Results, but, on contrary the Price plummets.

Clearly, price is just an advertised number determined by the transactions happening in the market place, which in turn is only driven by Human sentiments, most often, just opinions. Understanding the Technical indicators, reading reports are a evidence based technical trading options place to start with, and of course, evidence based technical trading options helps. But in order to make a consistent profitable decisions one cannot fully rely on these things.

My suggestion would be to keep your understandings or knowledge of Technical and Fundamental Analysis as a basic foundation. Thanks to Zerodha Varsity! If you have completed all the chapters from there; then, congrats, evidence based technical trading options have learnt the basics! I talk too much. If you want to quench your thirst on Technical Analysis, then go for books written by John F. Ehlers is one such indicator which is based on Gaussian distribution and far better compared to traditional stochastics or momentum indicators.

In the books written by him, it is well explained along with other Advanced Indicators. For Econometrics and other stuffs you need experienced professors than books. Along with video Lectures and Readings, you will also have links for the best books on these topics available in planet Earth.

Please do yourself a favor, have patience, give yourself 9 — 12 months of rigorous study and research; slowly you will know what to seek for. I am not promoting any course here… there are many books and courses available I just shared those I feel are related to Indian market or are general … you can search by yourself…. Since you are interested in using Mathematical calculations first observe the daily movement of evidence based technical trading options stock Daily high - Daily low.

Take average of 14 Days. Now you can calculate the weekly rangemonthly rangeand yearly range. Calculations will be as follows Weekly range is 2 times daily change Monthly range is 4 times daily change Monthly range is 24 times daily change. Read it 2 to 3 times, apply the strategies you learn, test them. If you want to be an investor, find out good stocks, buy them and hold them for years. Choose what you want to become and proceed. Bro, Plz mention me if u able to find that book.

Kindle version not available. Unfortunately no, I guess I must have borrowed it from Library …. Books for Technical Analysiss Technical Analysis.

Murphy Evidence—Based Technical Analysis: I can vouch for four independent factors: To give you a head start read the following: Dave nice enlightening post. I have a pdf version evidence based technical trading options this book. I can send you if you need it.

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Purified Sentiment Indicators for the Stock Market. Significance Test Results for Rules. Evidence based technical analysis EBTA is dedicated to the proposition that technical analysis should be approached in a scientific manner.

This implies several things. First, it is restricted to objective methods that can be simulated on historical data. Second, the historical performance statistics produced by such back-testing are then evaluated in a statistically rigorous fashion.

In other words, profitable past performance is not taken at face value but rather evaluated in light of the possibility that back-test profits can occur by sheer luck. The problem of lucky performance is especially pronounced when many methods are back-tested and a best method is selected.

This activity is called data mining. Though data mining is a promising approach for finding predictive patterns in data produced by largely random complex processes such as financial markets, its findings are upwardly biased. This is the data mining bias. Thus, the profitability of methods discovered by data mining must be evaluated with specialized statistical tests designed to cope with the data mining bias.

EBTA employs such methods. EBTA rejects all subjective, interpretive methods of Technical Analysis as worse than wrong, because they are untestable. Yet there are numerous practitioners who believe strongly that these methods are not only real but effective. How can this be? Here, EBTA relies on the findings of cognitive psychology to explain how erroneous beliefs arise and thrive despite the lack of valid evidence or even in the face of contrary evidence.

Cognitive psychologists have identified various illusions and biases, such as the confirmation bias, illusory correlations, hindsight bias, etc. Thus EBTA relies on computerized methods for identifying patterns, and combining evidence into useful trading signals. Due to recent advances in computing and data mining algorithms it becomes possible for the modern technical analyst to amplify their research efforts and find the real gold.

In other words, EBTA advocates a synergistic partnership between technical analysts and data mining computers to expand the valid base of knowledge called technical analysis. The union of humans and intelligent machines makes sense because the two entities have different but complimentary information processing abilities. Whereas human intelligence has a limited ability to engage in complex configural reasoning, which is required to identify valid predictive variables and combine them into a mathematical function, it can pose questions and proposed candidate variables.

Whereas computer intelligence is ill equipped to pose questions and propose variables it has enormous capacities to identify relevant predictors and derive optimal combining functions. However, this new approach to technical analysis will require that human technicians abandon some tasks they now do and learn a new set of analytical skills.

While they will no longer try to subjectively evaluate complex information patterns, they will need to learn about the kinds of data transformations that produce variables that are most digestible to data mining computers. They will also need to learn which data mining approaches are most viable and which types of problems are most amenable to data mining. What is Evidence Based Technical Analysis Evidence based technical analysis EBTA is dedicated to the proposition that technical analysis should be approached in a scientific manner.