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Should I buy the Desert Eagle? I work with this guy and he has the desert eagle in 44 and the 50cal conversion he wants to sell. He told me to make him an offer and im not sure how much to tell him. What do you guys think? Also is there any common problem areas on these guns gunbroker desert eagle i should look for? As long as you are getting it as a novelty, big, fun gun and not as a serious shooter or training gun. Assuming the Eagle is in excellent condition gunbroker desert eagle better, I would offer him for the gun and the conversion which runs bucks by itself.

That would be a very good, but fair price between acquaintances. If you really want to lowball him not sure how bad he wants to get rid of gunbroker desert eagle you can try under You "work with this guy at your work"?

I think the Desert Eagle is the classic gunbroker desert eagle pleasure" firearm. There isn't a military or police in the world that carries them, the 50 bmg round is expensive, every cheeseball in every movie carries one, and yet I still would like one: I got one in 44 Magnum. It is a novelty gun, but definitely fun. How many rounds does he have through it?

Probably gunbroker desert eagle that many, bc the 50 DE ammo is expensive. The eagle you are interested in is an XIX model where the barrels can be interchanged. I was a fool to sell it yet i did. Obviously there is no handgun hunters here. The only novelty is if you want to use it like the movies, otherwise, it is an excellent pistol for hunting. Until it malfunctions when you need a followup shot I prefer revolvers for hunting myself. I prefer revolvers for hunting myself YOu are right about the heavy loads, I have yet to have a malfunction.

Thats not to say that its a perfect platform, but it is a good one. I used to own one just like the one you;'re looking at- 50AE with 44 kit. The 50AE worked well with any commercial ammo I fed through it. All in all it was an accurate quite so, really firearm, which was a bit too heavy and large even for my big hands.

It's also very easy to shoot given how much power it puts gunbroker desert eagle. I'd have no problem taking my old one hunting as I never had any failures to feed with gunbroker desert eagle rounds, though the slide failed to lock back once in awhile poor magazine design.

Revolvers are much more size-efficient in magnum calibers. If gunbroker desert eagle want a more utility-friendly gun, ger a ported. Less 'Schwarzenegger' factor though. Personally, I really like the DE for practice purposes. If you start sneaking in a flinch on 45s or something, light off a mag or two of 44 magnums or 50AE's, and then you suddenly stop caring about the I cant find it on the pistol list?

Correct, although you can PPT it in the 50cal configuration all you want. I believe pretty much everyone with a DE in CA, unless they got theirs before the 44 got listed, bought the conversion. BTW - there's this popular non-Desert-Eagle-owner myth that if you gunbroker desert eagle a 44 and convert it to 50, it's not "really" a This is not true - you're buying the chassis with the 44 magnum barrel on it, and the only two parts that're different are the 50cal barrel and gunbroker desert eagle mag.

Other than that, all the gunbroker desert eagle are the same; there's no difference whatsoever between a "converted" 50cal and one that was bought in that configuration.

Everything else gunbroker desert eagle just a 22 in my book. Thanks for the help guys, I think im going to go for it. If for some reason that i dont like it do you think it will be hard to resell it? Sweet deal, you're gonna have fun with that 50AE If ya don't like it, PM me, I'm always looking to pick up a new toy! And the fact that you've got replica written down gunbroker desert eagle side of your gun, and the fact that I've got Desert Eagle. I miss my DE. You don't need any other parts to convert from.

That will affect the price you should offer him. Remember, you can always work your way up, but not back down. How stupid is THIS: You cannot import a. I know all gun laws are stupid, but that is gunbroker desert eagle close to the top of the list.

The gun needs them to properly cycle that huge slide. Light loads don't usually flip the DEs switches. Cast lead bullets will clog the gas system big time. Sorry, I had to throw that in! The DE isn't very practical or tactical, but it sure is fun as heck: Seriously though it can be a fantastic hunting handgun especially with the longer hunting barrels and an extended relief gunbroker desert eagle on it.

If it has CA only safety plunger system, it will cause problems. Simply remove this feature then you will be fine. Mine failed me twice already, and I don't even shoot it that much. This CA only plunger safety system was added to satisfy the drop test requirement.

But gunbroker desert eagle roll pin that holds the L-shaped spring gunbroker desert eagle place failed twice read-shatterd and the spring jammed the firing pin. First time I sent the slide for repair, second time I figured out how this thing works and removed the cumbersome feature.

I hate the extra safety feature. Please explain how you removed it. Thank you, Hank I too would like to know how to tell if my DE has it and how to remove it.

It's nice for hunting, and decent if scoped and sandbagged Most of the people I know that have ever owned one have sold theirs, many of them only after a few months The DE is an gunbroker desert eagle pistol and is a lot of fun gunbroker desert eagle shoot.

If you like big guns and like shooting large-caliber weapons, the DE is an gunbroker desert eagle addition to your collection. People who gunbroker desert eagle the DE are simply jealous of others who own them. The CA only model has 3 holes in firing pin stop. One for firing pin Big holeone for plunger medium size and one for roll pin small. Gunbroker desert eagle other state models have one hole for firing pin. Disassemble the slide from frame per insructions.

Remove firing pin stop plate. Remove L-shaped spring from left side. Remove Plunger and plunger spring. But it is placed like yellow drawing inside firing pin stop plate and help by roll pin. When the plunger is depressed by hammer the upper portion of L-shaped spring moves to left and frees firing pin.

Hammer continues and strikes firing pin. On mine the roll pin was shattered and the L-shaped spring was out of place and kept interfering with firing pin no matter where the plunger was. I won't bash anyone who owns one but, I sold mine 30 days after I bought it. There are better platforms for a large caliber gun and I still have a few revolvers in. I too would like to know how to tell if my DE has it and how to remove it.

I'd like to see some pictures of DE's with and without it. Unless maybe it's something that was added recently Very interesting - I'm pretty sure that mine does not have this! Unless perhaps I'm thinking of the wrong part - I'm thinking of the little plate on the back of the slide, which the hammer strikes? Gunbroker desert eagle only has one hole. However, on mine, the firing pin stop has actually fallen out once or twice. It's possible that the spring was an attempt to fix that. Yes that is the correct part.

Don't you gunbroker desert eagle any gunbroker desert eagle I believe that Magnum Research did this to pass CA drop test. As you can see in gunbroker desert eagle diagram the part no.

Click for larger pic.

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