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Ok education time for NooBs and BooBs. If not it is ok you are likely a NooB and all you see are profits and what you want. If I was such a bad trader do you think I could have passed the audition process of SH? Which I did as did Pavel. Yeah that is not creepy stalker behavior. They don't have high power 5 minute binary system with 78 win-rate Why because they spend high power 5 minute binary system with 78 win-rate their time thinking about being me or posting HATE comments.

Useless individuals and useless threads. Ok you wanna fight fine you poor monkeys have missed me as I can see by all your posts but you won't win. I have this thing called the TRUTH high power 5 minute binary system with 78 win-rate does not change and I don't even get upset or fazed by your angry self destructive useless banter anymore. Where I was able to cause stockpair some heavy losses due to people following me and upset them because my results were so great.

Again let me know when any of you 3 stooges can produce a video on MM or just about anything that will help other bin traders? You have no objectivity at all. Does that not worry you a bit? The results are not bogus, again a negative insulting statements, but to be expected. I hope you guys seek help or learn to just be better human beings. Shame on you for even trying. Again try helping others and joining the human race because it really can't be a happy place to live in where you seem to be mentally Sorry if I am a better trader than you, there are also some above me there better than I for now.

I have a growing suspicions that TBN and TheBinaryNerd here on our forum are the same, and lotzofbotz, the attitude gives it away. I know he's sitting there arguing with himself in our high power 5 minute binary system with 78 win-rate, making it look like one is real and one is not, OMG which one is it? Sorry you are still second rate always will be Pavel. Here is my result with trade4. You are mentally handicapped so I seem to have to. That is not the same as money management where you, oh muh lawd here we go again You are an idiot.

Give me a real Argument instead of just name calling, if you wanted real HELP or have a real question let me know.

LoL hold on ok stupid of me to even try to educate you huh? That is a really good video that is a great help to many, shame on you Pavel for not seeing or using the ideas and agreeing with me. How is that a help to anybody outside of yourself? Did you even watch it Pavel? Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: This would protect him from drops in future performance and cloud his true ITM since the laws of mathematical averages favour high volume.

He was challenged over this by the owners of Communitraders and got abusive and had to be removed. Then he spent a year in Signal Hive boasting about how he is the best and rebranded to Rocketbox and when that failed he rebranded back to Mechpipzilla who can be found here https: He is right now engaging in one of the oldest scams and tricks in the book.

Watch and remember so you don't get fooled. Don't be fooled by the stats. For example if you launch signals at This is exactly what this scammer has done and here is the proof Is this a responsible trader? Some times he takes a bad hit lol This technique is very low brow and something unfortunately clouds a true trading ITM not to mention 1 day, it will backfire big on live accounts, losing trades in 1 sequence, causing total brand damage.

But you have to give him credit, Lotzofbotz is a great marketer. Look what he is parading on his Facebook page using the above scam tactic Please let me know your thoughts! Transparent Binary Options trader and former floor trader. Now giving signals to help people safely to make money at Signal Hive Please do not contact me to manage your account, I will never take anyone's money. You can see my live performance on Signal Hive and subscribe to me there.

It appears that most of the top providers on trade4me are using the same scam. I checked the history of 3 of the most followed traders on the site estioniantrade1, high gains, habba2and all of them are doing the same scam.

They did not overtrade when i used them, but have verry low itm! I am a paying customber from signal hive. Dont fell from this trickdont waist your money! Michael Freman and he got the same idea!! Talk bad of everybody to gain trust, and then they are the real dogs! But good luck in this world of trading to you all!

Where did shushigirl go? February edited February Oh please my ITM was one of the highest in Jan go to the leaderboard!!. I don't appreciate paid shills coming here to bad mouth me. I would b werry happy to find out that you wasnt lying! I am an paying customber from signal hiveand nothing else! Ok i will post your trades now! Which ever the real nerd is aka Lotzofbotz, he has some answering to do on this thread.

The mods of this forum high power 5 minute binary system with 78 win-rate Mechapipzilla gaming the Communitraders system so they know exactly what I'm referring to above on Trade 4 ME. I am not trying to. But you and none of your little stooges are going to knock my ability to trade.

Risk is relative and what that high power 5 minute binary system with 78 win-rate anything you can make you can lose. Use your brains when you choose signal providers and if you see they are using stacked trades, examine the appropriate levels of leverage historically. In the end the ROI and scalability certain traders have vs other traders.

Always protect your downside. You sound a lot like gabman with insults and all posts ending with a giant pic or video. I'll try and hold a proper debate here. Hope you can respond in kind without insults. You're better than me on your DEMO account as per your screenshot?

Here are the facts, I will let the forum decide. Do not lie about this or I will get that client here to tell his side of the story.

No gaming of stats there to peg your ITM permanently at a high level. Here is Mechapipzilla, i. I invite everyone to go to www. I am humble and don't show off about my stats. Cut the crap about "Trade 4 Me" being the best auto trader and transparent service. Hive in in a different league. You're just pissed off that Josh threw your stupid ass out and you lost out with the management big time.

You didn't leave, I'm happy to get them here. You overhyped your trading ability in there for 1 year and when the time came to go live, you shirked. I never lie, you regularly do. Even the mods here know your troll behaviour from the early days.

Once again you have incorrect information on who or where I am, but you know what you have fun with that! You are insane and always have been sorry. People do not get sued because they have opinions and share them in forums. You really don't know what real defamation is.

Look ban me as every time I argue with you or make you look bad. If you think wish to believe trade4. Because you are a signal provider on a different service? You find one person that is unable to use any money management and only expects winning trades? Did any high power 5 minute binary system with 78 win-rate you even watch my MM videos or ideas instead of just dismissing them?

Give me a better argument than that if you wish me to listen or even converse with you. Also try not appearing nuts to me or only be about attacking me or my ideas. I should do a video on trade4. You will find any and everything I say to be wrong.

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