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Day 1 Arrival in Dubai, transfer to the hotel Travelers will be picked up from the airport and transferred to the hotel. Free afternoon and evening. A contact person is available for advice regarding restaurants, sights, restaurants and bars. Dubai, the unique metropolis in the Middle East is, with a population of about 1. Only 10 percent of the populations are Arabian nationals, whereas the majorities are expatriates who come mainly from the Asian subcontinent and Europe.

Between modern high-rise buildings, luxurious hotels and gigantic shopping malls, visitors can find some lively parts of the city offering a variety of small shops, authentic restaurants and lovely side streets which invite to explore the more traditional Dubai. Day 2 Briefing, allocation of cars, border crossing into Oman, drive to Khasab and camp in the mountains The tour guides will meet the participants at the hotel for a briefing in the morning in order to go through the program and explain important safety measures.

Allocating vehicles and equipment will be done at this point. Lunch en route, before the group starts off-roading on a winding track to Jebel Hareem.

The first camp will be set up at a height of around meter. Afterwards travelers have the chance to explore the landscape of the Mussandam peninsular during a two hour hike before they return to the campsite and enjoy a BBQ dinner and campfire after sunset.

Khasab is the local capital of an enclave of Oman, called Mussandam. Apart from the beauty that lies above the waters, it offers a rich and colorful underwater world, teeming with varied marine life, providing for some spectacular snorkeling.

The breath-taking beauty of the mountains, the un-spoilt beaches and steep wadis are aplenty in Khasab. The group is led by extremely experienced trekking guides who know and understand this fascinating landscape. They will ensure that you stay on track and will explain about the terrain and its local fauna and flora. On the way, travelers can see Bedouin villages, abandoned settlements and graveyards.

Day 3 Dhow cruising, snorkeling, lunch on the Dhow, boarder crossing into the UAE, drive to Dibba After a cooked breakfast, the group will leave the camp and head back to Khasab for a full day of Dhow cruising. A traditional Omani lunch with fresh fish and fruits will be served on the boat.

The group will return to Khasab port in the afternoon and start a 3 hour drive to Dibba. On arrival in Dibba, the group will check in at Dibba Hotel. Dhow cruising is the best way to experience the idyllic beauty of Mussandam. The majestic fjords, dotted with islands, the crystal clear waters shimmering in the sun, a visit on Telegraph Island and underwater adventures account for a truly memorable day. Many species of sea birds roam and nest around the cliffs at Khawr Ghubb Ali.

Dolphins, swimming along the dhow, are very common during this trip. We will stop the Dhow at places of interest for snorkeling, how to buy silver dubai visa from oman and lunch. The guide will lead participants on an off-road route through Wadi Khab al-Shams to the top of the mountain Jebel Quiwi, at the height of about meters.

This is the starting point of a two-hour hike to a small village hidden in the mountain. A picnic lunch will be served on the way. In the afternoon, the group will drive to Wadi Hatta, set up the camp, enjoy a BBQ dinner and relax at the camp fire. The Hajar Mountains form a large mountain range which plays a significant role in this journey, as most of the places of interest are within this range.

The mountains begin in the north, forming the Mussandam Peninsular, run southeast and move gradually further to the east coast. The central section of the range is a mountain called Jebel Akhdar. This is the highest point and probably wildest terrain in eastern Arabia. Close to Muscat, the eastern Hajar starts and runs very close to the coast to the fishing town of Sur.

Day 5 Border crossing into Oman, off-roading through Wadi al-Satan, visit of how to buy silver dubai visa from oman villages of Wijmah and Balat Sayt, Beduine dinner, camp in the mountains After breakfast, the group will cross the border into the Oman and head to the north face of the Western Hajar Mountains. On the way, the travelers can enjoy many breath-taking sceneries. The group will drive through Wadi al-Satan, which is lined with plantations and settlements and visit Wijmah — a village under the cliff of Jebel Shams.

After a picnic lunch, the drive will be continued through wadis and on mountain tracks to Balat Sayt - a terraced village in the heart of the mountain. The camp will be set up close to the village. A Bedouin will keep the group company for the evening while sharing his stories and preparing some traditional snacks.

After dinner, the group can sit together around the campfire and enjoy an aromatic Shisha. The traditional water pipe, stuffed with tobacco and fruit flavor, is an essential part of the Arabic culture and tradition. Here they will start a short hike which is rewarded with a refreshing swim in a natural water pool. Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant on the way. In the afternoon the group will check in at a hotel in Muscat.

Wadi Bani Awf is remarkable as it cuts deeply into the mountainous terrain for about 26 kilometers. The gorge of the Snake Canyon is considerably narrower, with the canyon walls towering on both sides. It is here that one can get an insight into nature's raw power where, over millions of years, it has cut a deep swathe through rocky terrain to vent its fury eventually into the sea.

The massive boulders and rocks strewn along the wadi bed hold evidence of furious floodwater action over the ages.

Day 7 Muscat city tour, free afternoon After breakfast at the hotel, how to buy silver dubai visa from oman group will start a tour through the city. It will start at the beautiful embassy quarter of Muscat en route to the Sultan Qaboos Mosque.

This mosque is a religious landmark of Muscat and a splendor of Islamic architecture Islamic dress code is compulsory to enter the mosque. Travelers will also visit the Bait al Zubeir Museum, Muttrah a delightful quarter of Muscat and a traditional souk and fish market.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. During the afternoon, participants are free to continue sightseeing and have dinner at night on their own. People have been living in this city for almost years, which makes Muscat also one of the oldest cities in the entire Middle East. Today it is one of the busiest places in the country with lots of open space, green parts and just few modern high-rise buildings.

Day 8 Drive on coastal road to Sur, Salmah plateau, Qalhat, camp at Sur beach, swim in the ocean, watch turtles The group will leave Muscat after a breakfast at the hotel and drive on the coastal road to Sur.

At Fins, participants will leave the main road and head towards the Salmah plateau for another thrilling off-road drive. This route takes them swiftly from sea level to the cooler air up on the plateau at an elevation of about meters.

A steep climb and an even steeper descent keep adrenaline levels high as travelers embark on this adventurous loop. The group will have a picnic lunch on the way and continue the drive on the coastal road to Qalhat. After the group had the chance to explore Qalhat, they will drive back to Sur and set up the camp at the beach where travelers can also use the opportunity to swim in the ocean.

After sunset, the group will walk on the beach and look out for turtles nesting. For many centuries Qalhat was one of the most important ports at the Arabian Gulf, and a gateway to the Indian Ocean.

The many fine pieces of broken pottery and glass how to buy silver dubai visa from oman all over the ruins suggest that it was once a thriving port town. Travelers can visit the tomb of the holy lady Bibi Maryam. It is one of the precious few structures which are still standing from the once bustling port of Qalhat.

Day 9 Visit dhow building yards, drive to Wadi Bani Khalid, drive to Nizwa, stay at a hotel in Nizwa The group will start the day by visiting the Dhow building yards in Sur which was once the ancient boat building center of Oman, famous throughout Arabia in the 19th and early 20th century.

Later on, the group will leave the town and drive to Nizwa on the inland route. On the way travelers will explore the famous Wadi Bani Khalid how to buy silver dubai visa from oman they will walk through a short cave system and then go for a refreshing swim. Head torches and helmets will how to buy silver dubai visa from oman provided for those exploratory individuals who are interested to do some caving.

Others can just swim at the natural pool and relax. A picnic lunch will be served at Wadi Bani Khalid after which the group will drive to Nizwa and check in at the hotel. In the sixth and seventh centuries, Nizwa was the capital of Oman and the center of trade between coastal and interior regions.

Day 10 Visit Nizwa Fort, Hoota Cave, Misfatat Al Abriyyin, camp at Jebel Shams This day will be spent by how to buy silver dubai visa from oman some very interesting places in and around Nizwa, such as the 17th century fort and the souk of this historical town. Later on the al-Hoota cave and the small but picturesque village of Misfatal-Abriyyin will be visited, before the group drives to Jebel Shams and sets up the camp.

The cave features several classic formations including stalactites, stalagmites and solid columns, which take thousands of years to form. Its underground lake is meters long and the habitat of a rare and delicate species of blind fish. Misfatal-Abriyyin is a charming ancient village, located in a stunning landscape above terraced plantations of date palms.

Travelers can visit the ancient houses and ruined watchtower perched on the mountain. On the way they will stop at al-Ayn to visit ancient tombs and drive to Wadi Damm for a refreshing swim and hike. A picnic lunch will be provided at Wadi Damm after which the drive to Al Ain will be continued. On arrival in Al Ain, the group will check in the hotel and, thereafter, have some free hours to explore the city.

Al Ain is the fourth largest city in the UAE and is often called the garden city because of its relatively green appearance.

It is located in the emirate how to buy silver dubai visa from oman Abu Dhabi, directly adjacent to the border with Oman. Al Ain has been inhabited for more than four thousand years and is therefore considered a culturally significant to the country. On the way travelers have the chance to visit a car how to buy silver dubai visa from oman which features many extraordinary vehicles.

After lunch in Liwa and a short introduction to driving on sand, the group will enter the biggest sand desert of how to buy silver dubai visa from oman world and drive throughout the afternoon until they reach the camp site. Rub al-Khali Empty Quarteris the biggest sand desert in the world. Majestic red and gold dunes tower up to meter high. The immense scale of this vast desert scenery needs to be experienced to be believed.

Travelers may, however, see herds of camels wandering in their natural domain. It is an experience unlike anything else. Day 13 Continue desert drive, lunch at Liwa Oasis, drive back to Dubai, check in hotel Drivers will face extraordinary dunes on this day. The lead driver will find a way to the very top of a mega dune.

Later on, each car needs to come down the very steep side. Afterwards, the convoy will head towards how to buy silver dubai visa from oman Liwa Oasis, where they will have lunch at a local restaurant.

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