4 Ways Binary Options Trading is Like Poker

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I find your strategy very how to win in binary options you player because you are using a martin gale system on this strategy. I will try this system for a week and see i this works for me. I will comment you later Thanks. I how to win in binary options you player keep trying.

So far, i have more loses than winnings but I think the problem is with me rushing to trade. If you guys dont like martin gale then whats your strategy??

Im still using marting gale. Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: July in Binary Options Strategy. Hello everyone, as suggested I'm here to post a strategy I've tested for 3 months now and it looks to work. Following the trend when a candle breaks, you have to invest in how to win in binary options you player same direction of the trend.

There are some limitations like don't invest if the moving average is horizontal of course. Do you think is possible to share a video I made trading to show the strategy? Iwant to be honest and I made a video showing the strategy. I'm running an get affiliate campaign on iqoption, so I don't want to spam here. If anyone is interested to watch the video I can send the link privately Hope it work for you.

Naturally always test the strategy on demo account befor trading with your money! Because everyone know, binary options is an high risk investment.

July edited July Ok someone asked me to share the link here It is really unbelievable. Well, actually I tested it on trades and I got in the money for But, maybe you are right because it could need more accurate test I will do it.

In my case it is just a percentage on a very small test If you have any chance to test it please let me know your impression and if you think there is anything good. I would really appreciate it and naturally I would like to test your Price Action Strategy. It's on YouTube, I do live webinars too every now and then and I have lots of students who are trying it out either live or on a demo. But it's not a strategy. So it's more based on experience and takes time to learn, all you need is patience and a practice account and lots of time but most people want to get rich in how to win in binary options you player day and rather throw money at robots and other BS.

Making money requires making an effort. I'll check it out! Hello Making money I have watched your video could you help me more please sir. May edited May What if I tell you that it works??? Of course you have to know when to do it I tried a few times for 1 minute trades and almost every time the price goes in my direction up until a few seconds before expiry. Then it goes against me You can make your own conclusions. I agree here with Okane, martingale is very risky and brokers love it as they earn money with it.

Be carefull with that. It isnt an money management rule at all, but more like ''How to blew my account with martingale''. Greetings, BSB Zen blueskybinary. I want to see that video. Money making can you swnd me the link to watch the video. Iam trying to watch it here and its saying the video is private. Don't believe all the hype There is no easy money.

Seriously, you guys need to start learning how to trade. Money making Sir can you please send me the link to watch the video my mail id arnaab. Hi pls send me a video. Don't get your hopes too high. It's just another affiliate BS strategy using B-bands that is gonna make the broker money and not you. Who's Online 1 1 Guest.

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Even though in past and some countries in the world yet have people, who believe that trading binary options is a form of gambling, the common opinion is that we cannot say that both are equal things. Indeed, we can, though, compare them, because there are similar. This is why there are things you can learn from a professional poker player, if you are a beginner in binary options trading. Today, we will even show you how to become a better trader. See what a trader can learn from a professional poker player now!

Because a poker player knows that a good strategy is a small, but enough guarantee for a final successful outcome. This is why any poker pro will tell you that just like in gambling, in trading you will also have to follow a strategy. Sometimes, it is even not about some complicated program, but a very simple and ordinary strategy. If you speak to a poker player, he will tell you that you need to know why you are doing one or another thing — why you make this trade and why you give up from the next one.

The key to a successful trading activity is to when to start, but also when to stop. The same thing is the secret to the great poker game.

Sometimes, we cannot recognize the real signs of our loss, because we remain too excited from the previous win we have made. This is why you always need to ask yourself — is this the right time to stop or should I continue, because the chances and the analytic signs are on my side?

And risk management is something you always need to think about, when it comes to trading. On the contrary — they do know that risk is everything that keeps the game moving, growing, stopping and etc.

In binary options, though, every trade is about some risk. On the contrary — you need to evaluate how big the risk is for you and how beneficial it would be to take the risk at this very moment. The more you train your risk management skill, the better you will eventually become. As you can see, things in financial trading and in poker can be sometimes quite similar. And if you learn from the big players of both activities, you will eventually become a big star in Forex market, as well!

A poker pro can teach you how to think more strategically Because a poker player knows that a good strategy is a small, but enough guarantee for a final successful outcome. A poker player will teach you when to give up and when to continue The key to a successful trading activity is to when to start, but also when to stop.

He knows everything about risk management!