Stair Railing

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Stairs have long been an essential element of a home. A luxury staircase in the foyer can be quite the centerpiece in any home and can accentuate the overall home decor. Recently, interior designers are starting to focus their designs around showcasing stair railings. Different things contribute to the beauty of a staircase.

While the design and style of a staircase is important, the essential element is the handrail. A well designed handrail is essential for a elegant staircase. The handrail has gone from a base element, made only for safety purposes, to a beautiful focal point that contributes to the elegance of the interior of a home.

The design options are endless for handrails, coming in all shapes and models. The most common material used for handrail include wrought iron, glass, steel, and wood. Below is a photo gallery of different exterior and interior stair railing ideas. This lovely designed black interior railing is indoor stair railing options perfect match for this alluring staircase. These lovely custom stairs and railing are smartly designed with stylized wrought iron, beautifully light stained wood, white accents, and illuminating lighting that creates a stunning indoor stair railing options against this whole piece.

This alluring outdoor staircase features beautifully curved steps, and simplistically designed wrought iron handrails for stairs that continues around to the upper viewing area. This railing is functional and handsome in appearance.

These vibrate red wall and matching stairs are sure to draw attention. However, it really sets the stage for a sleek black outdoor stair railing with whimsical design, clean lines, and functionality.

This exquisite indoor railings indoor stair railing options a stunningly curved dark stained wood banister indoor stair railing options whimsically designed iron railing that attaches cleanly to the stunning light wooden steps that glow with radiance.

This beautifully eccentric railing features stunningly detailed artistic structure created with sturdy wrought iron. This sleek black piece pops out with a vibrate contrasting blue wall in the back ground, making it a must see in outdoor railing for stairs. This indoor stair railing options modern exterior stair handrail is built with strong iron that indoor stair railing options sure to endure the elements. At the same time, its elegantly structured straight lined circular design brings class to these simple outdoor concrete steps.

This wood and iron stair railing provides the perfect contrasting features with lightly stained oak steps and matching banister along with whimsical, sturdy iron railings. These two designs complement indoor stair railing options other to create a stunning and clean piece. When searching stair rail ideas, this piece takes the head spot with beautiful charcoal grey railings.

The clean design lined against lusciously dark stained wooden steps and a unique matching banister on one side of the railing makes this piece truly unique. Indoor stair railing options so many options for hand railing for stairs, this option is a great choice. With beautifully thick and unique designed indoor stair railing options iron that is topped with a smooth wood rod for hand placement, it really compliments the sleek brown steps with bright white accents.

This sleek modern stair piece is one of the better simple indoor stair railings available. It that allows for a full visual of a stunningly bold purple accent wall and a peek of the living room. These stair rails provide the perfect back drop to make these simple charcoal steps really stand out. This simplistically pure piece features a beautifully dark wood stained staircase handrail that rests on a sleek black iron railing.

It contains a clean lined design with simple accent breaks leading down to the steps that perfectly match the stunning handrail. Here is a sturdy yet beautiful staircase that boasts dark features. The stunningly rustic wood steps that perfectly match the stair hand railing resting atop stout black iron. All of these dark pieces stand out against the bright white walls in this space. This room provides a stunningly structured handrailing for stairs that are both contrasting and complimenting.

The beautiful white railing is thick and clean with glass panel siding that allows for illumination throughout the staircase, while flat black steps provide depth and contrast to this bright space.

This is an example of a lovely modern staircase that features beautiful light stained wood steps that pop out against the white walls. They also pair perfectly with the unique staircase rails that rests upon clear glass siding.

The overall decor creates openness and enlarges this space. This classy setting boasts beautiful modern glass staircase railing that allows for an open view of the superb structured light wood steps and the sleek metal black support frames that vibes sophistication and beauty. This minimalist staircase features a beautifully delicate stairway handrail that blends into the stunning white walls to create an open and airy atmosphere.

At the same time, the darker stained steps provided an alluring invitation into the next room. In a search for simple, sturdy, and appealing stairway railing ideas, this set is a great example, with wood work that adds beauty and class and flat black metal that provides the strength and handsome appearance that makes this piece functional and admirable.

See more pictures of modern stair way railings. These beautiful vibrant red steps unfold into a calm and peaceful space.

This staircase features stunning glass steps that makes indoor stair railing options one of the best stair railing designs. This vastly open space features a gorgeous staircase railing which combines elegance provided by the glass panels and also create an open atmosphere and sophistication supplied by surrounding metal framing.

The concrete space also brings an added vibrancy into the mix. This beautiful space is adorned with rich dark steps that feature some cool stair railings that are seamless. Its presence provides sophistication and open class to this simplistic design. Stunning handrail ideas for stairs can be difficult to come by. However, this is one of the images that provides an exemplary example.

It features seamless glass paneling that is made sturdy with metal attachments that match the beautiful framework on surrounding windows. Yet it stands out against the stunningly dark stained steps. These classy floating stairs feature beautiful seamless glass panel that are perfect handrails for interior stairs.

Since they are transparent, anyone can enjoy the entirety of the open and clear space. The simple white siding coincides with the wall color.

The perfectly seamless plexiglass stair railing allows for an open air feel and light throughout. This beautiful indoor stair railing options boasts rustic wood steps and walkway. The stunning glass paneled siding with clean lined metal hand indoor stair railing options is indoor stair railing options ideal railing for staircase.

The layout combined with the practical and alluring lower lighting illuminate the space to create a cohesive effect. View more glass staircase railings here. This is an example of a simple stair railing made of metal. The clean lines and radiant metal frame work to give this space a fresh and open air feel. In combination with the smooth white walls and cool toned steps, the stairway handrail creates an open atmosphere.

This staircase features delightful multi-toned quartz steps. The dazzlingly decorative stair indoor stair railing options are adorned with beautiful artistic flair and guide the hand down the curved steps while viewing the stunningly vibrate wall art.

This beautiful cable stair railing is both modern and unique in its traits. While appealing to the eye, it is a functional hand guide combined with beautiful light wood steps that add a vibrancy to a neutral toned space.

This is a unique twist on a spiral staircase. This stairway features a modern aluminum stair railing to match the aluminum steps. The exposed bolts and grey walls gives this piece a bold and rugged appearance. The beautiful porch is adorned with a vibrant red door that speaks volumes.

The clean line grey steps with surrounding blocked white framing and stunning exterior stair railing is attractive.

Metal and copper fixtures complement the entire entryway. Featuring clean smooth lines, reflecting edges, smart and sturdy structure design, this piece is sure to support, withstand, and grab attention. Unique stair handrail ideas are difficult to come by. However, this staircase features a steel and wire design that is truly unique. The rustic appeal paired with the indoor stair railing options brought by the smooth wood steps allow for this handrail to shine.

This beautiful entryway has great curb appeal. The beautiful brick siding that coincides with the rich wood coloring of the steps. In addition, the stunning copper accents provides a whimsical design inside of a sturdy metal handrail that is a master railing for outdoor stairs.

The steel stair indoor stair railing options begins this space with beautiful smooth curves, clean lines, and a fresh appearance. It is connected to fine brick patterned steps with matching steel guards that protect while remaining stylish. This piece perfectly contrasts the surrounding colors to create a cohesive appearance.

A vibrate purple exterior indoor stair railing options handrail is beautifully designed with indoor stair railing options to perfection.

This wooden staircase provides the perfect combination of stairs and rails. Residential stair railing can be simplistically and stunning as portrayed here. The rich wood railing and banisters glow with radiance.

The clean white walls and neutral toned steps provided a perfect setting indoor stair railing options this railing to stand out. This beautiful and simplistic custom stair railing boasts single stranded supports with elegant ball-tip points that rests beneath a beautiful handrail. They match perfectly with the lovely steps with a white indoor stair railing options that allows the wood pieces to stand tall and shine.

This magnificent staircase is ideal beauty and design. The stunningly radiant oak wood covering throughout, beautiful curvature, and rod railing that rests below a marvelous banister to glide and guide make this a masterpiece for rails for stairs. Simple white walls and matching steps provide a perfect backdrop for a lovely light baby blue outdoor stair rail. Indoor stair railing options unique stair rail design features beautiful wood architecture that exhibits symmetry as a whole piece, provides durability that is sure to withstand years of use, and unique graining that adds character to any space.

Interior staircase rail ideas come in abundance. However, simplicity is always a positive way to go.

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