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Before clicking 'I agree' or handing over your credit card details, here are some important questions you should ask yourself.

If you cannot answer these questions with confidence, you might be better to choose a different place to shop. Online traders qatar am I dealing with? Before you buy anything online, satisfy yourself that the trader you are dealing with is legitimate. Reputable traders generally provide contact online traders qatar, such online traders qatar a physical address including the country where it based phone and fax numbers.

This information will also help you contact the business if something online traders qatar wrong. You can also check a local business' details by contacting them directly or visiting any retail outlet operated by the business. Do I know what I am buying? Satisfy yourself that the goods or services described or pictured on the website are exactly what you want, or you might end up with something different! Are the goods and services new or second hand?

Check the technical compatibility: Will it work with Vac or will you need an adaptor or transformer? Will it work in Region Code 2? If you have updated online traders qatar, will you be able to go back to a previous version? Is online traders qatar technically fit for your intended purpose?

If there is any doubt, confirm the details with the business before you pay. This especially applies to applications you can download to your mobile phone or other device that is internet enabled. Check that you can remove these applications without affecting the service or without having to pay extra.

A Word about Internet Auctions: An internet or online auction online traders qatar an electronic 'marketplace' where sellers and buyers come to trade their goods. Ensure you understand the way the auction works. Read the terms and conditions, especially any fine print before you participate. If you need to create an account or a login to begin bidding, choose a secure password to protect your personal details. Learn as much as you can about the seller before you buy. If the auction site uses a feedback rating system, check comments left by other buyers and sellers.

A seller with a large number of positive comments is more likely to be trustworthy. Don't get caught with unexpected fees and charges. Only use payment options recommended by the online traders qatar site. Online traders qatar electronic money transfer services cannot be traced, which makes them more popular with scammers.

What does the 'fine print' say? You have a responsibility to read the terms and conditions of your sale agreement.

You may need to click on a link which will take you to online traders qatar separate page, but you should be able to find the terms and conditions easily. The terms and conditions of your sale agreement should be clear. They should include information such as:. In online transactions, you usually 'sign' the contract by clicking on an online traders qatar agree' online traders qatar 'I accept' button.

Print out any forms you have filled in online, and keep copies of any email correspondence as a record of the offer you have accepted. If there is a problem, you will need to prove the terms of your contract with the business. Are there any extra fees or charges? Make sure you know the online traders qatar cost of your purchase. Is my order correct? Once you know the final online traders qatar, confirm your order is correct before online traders qatar pay.

Reputable businesses give you a clear summary of online traders qatar order before you 'check out'- making it easy for you to change your order before you online traders qatar.

Is my transaction secure? You should do what you can to satisfy yourself that any online payment you make is secure. Companies that offer secure payment will tell you so before you start to provide your credit card details. Unfortunately scammers may online traders qatar able to reproduce symbols to give you the impression that a fake website is secure. If you have doubts, it is safer not to proceed. To online traders qatar being 'scammed' online please read our General Rules below.

When will my goods arrive? Ask for an estimated delivery date. If your item does not arrive around that time, contact the seller and confirm if it has been processed and sent. What happens if I am not online traders qatar with my purchase? If there is a problem with your purchase your options will depend on several factors, such as:.

Many businesses have their own customer service policies which can go above and beyond their legal obligations. You should be able to find details of these on their website, or contact the business. How will my personal information be treated? The privacy of your personal information is an important consideration when shopping online. If you understand how a business will use your details, it could reduce your chances of ending up on 'spam' mailing lists, or other unwanted breaches of your privacy.

The following steps are a guide to how you can protect yourself when shopping online: Have you taken steps to protect yourself from online scams? Unfortunately, the internet is not free from scams and scammers. Some scams are especially designed to take advantage of the way the internet works. Most scams need you to do something before they can work. You may be asked to send money to someone based on a promise that turns out to be false. You may be asked to give your personal details to people who turn out to be scammers.

Some scams rely on you agreeing to deals without getting advice first, or online traders qatar a product without checking it out properly. Skip to main content. There are several things you can do to reduce the risk when you shop with any online business.

In the case of traders who are based outside Qatar: Check the trader's website for the terms and conditions of sale Check the reputation of the trader by reading any comments from previous customers on the website or searching the name of the trader online Check whether there are any additional policies in relation to returns, refunds or resolving disputes.

They should include information such as: Whether your purchase is online traders qatar by warranties or guarantees; Whether the business has a cancelation and return policy or to provide refunds; What options you have if the product you choose is not available.

Does the total price include delivery, insurance and handling costs? Are there any ongoing fees? Do not agree to any open-ended charges against your credit card; Are there any taxes or duties? What currency is being used for the transaction?

Even a local company might list prices in US dollars. If there is a problem with your purchase your options will depend on several factors, such as: Whether the seller is based in Qatar or overseas—purchases from Qatari businesses are covered by Qatari laws online traders qatar do not generally apply to overseas transactions; Whether a fault is covered under a warranty; Whether the seller has a return or exchange policy; Whether you can seek a refund or replacement.

Only conduct business with sites that have detailed privacy policies explaining what information the business keeps and how it is used; Install software that protects your private information, such as virus and anti-spyware programs, 'cookie' removers, and firewalls; Do not agree to further online traders qatar with the business when filling out forms online, unless you want to receive more marketing material; Only give as much information as you are comfortable with; Use an anonymous web-based email account when using the internet, to prevent spammers getting your personal details.

The General Rules are: If it looks too good to be true—it probably is; Use your common sense: If you see a transaction you cannot explain, report it to your bank; Keep your credit card and ATM cards safe. Do not share your personal identity number PIN with anyone. Do not keep any written copy of your PIN with the card.

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Qatar is what is known as a rapidly growing economy. Until recently it was not on the radar for many businesses, particularly the foreign exchange industry.

However, the impressive economic growth has led to a wide array of people looking at what can be accessed in this country. The economic growth has also strengthened their currency and provides a stable marketplace where Qatar binary options trading is now a realistic and worthwhile opportunity. When comparing Gross Domestic Output around the planet, Qatar will appear as one of the quickest improving economies.

In fact, the GDP has been near the twenty percent mark for the last few years. This has led to a dramatic increase in interest in the country and its economic possibilities. Much of this improvement in the economy of Qatar is related to the oil and petroleum industry and its demand by other economies as well as the increasingly limited supply. The fact that Qatar is also very close to the largest natural gas resources in the world, certainly help this economic growth. Liquefied natural gas is becoming a popular alternative to other petroleum based products.

This demand is likely to make Qatar the biggest exporter of this commodity in the world within the next few years. Foreign investors are seeing the potential of this politically and economically stable country and looking for opportunities to invest. Qatar binary options trading is just one way of allowing foreign investors to access the market. The stronger the economy of any country the better the currency is seen across the globe. This is certainly true for the Riyal; the native currency of Qatar.

The government is now allowing more foreign investors in. Coupling this fact with the low inflation level and there is a huge amount of interest. Qatar binary options are just one of many new opportunities. Of course, every new marketplace has its own set of challenges. The fact that Qatar is an Arabic country means that trading must be carried out within Islamic guidelines.

One of the key factors is that Islamic trading rules forbid charging or generating interest on funds. This has led to the creation of the Islamic trading account. Trades are closed at the end of the day and reopened the next morning to avoid interest issues; thereby complying with Islamic law and allowing Qatar binary options trading.

All financial activities within the country are controlled and regulated by the Central Bank of Qatar. It is therefore essential, to locate a brokerage which is allowed to trade on the Qatar exchange. Without this they will not be legally compliant. Fortunately there is an increase in the number of firms offering this possibility.

The same is true for all traders based in Qatar and wishing to undertake Qatar binary options trading. The fundamental requirement is to us a broker with a good reputation who offers an Islamic account.

This will not only ensure you comply with the law in any Arabic country but also those laws when trading in a foreign economy. A Qatar based trader must comply with Sharia law at all times; regardless of the economy they are trading in. As with any new market it is important to assess a new opportunity before you start trading. The economy can be volatile and this can affect the success rate of your trades. Once they have established a strategy and gained some experienced Qatar binary options could be an attractive option!

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In fact well in excess of one million fi Oman Binary Options Oman is unique and well placed; it can trade almost effortlessly with almost any part of the world, including Asia and Europe.

Of course, it is central to the Middle East; this makes it a powerful Kuwait Binary Options Binary Options in Kuwait - this may not be something you have ever considered but is, in fact, an excellent way of generating an additional income. In general a Kuwait binary options broker will of Islamic Binary Options Trading If you are a Muslim or a member of the Islamic community you will probably be very interested to know whether it is acceptable to trade online with digital options.

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