Cisco ASA 5500 Series Configuration Guide using the CLI, 8.4 and 8.6

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These commands are not needed for the IP phones if the automated setup is used because the setup will prompt for these setting and configure a DHCP scope automatically. However, if it is option 150 ip dhcp cisco configured or the administrator wishes to manually configure or change the settings the following commands will need to be used.

The command ip dhcp exclude-address start-IP end-IP allows the administrator to exclude static addresses within the option 150 ip dhcp cisco range that option 150 ip dhcp cisco be statically assigned to a server or router interface.

The command ip dhcp pool pool-name defines and creates a DHCP pool. After this command has been executed, the router will be in a DHCP sub mode. This will not include any exclusion previously defined. The lowest available IP address will be used first when the addresses are assigned. Finally, a critical command that must be configured correctly is the custom option for the TFTP server.

CMERouter config ip dhcp exluded-address CMERouter dhcp-config network This shows the command option ip There are some files that are necessary for the proper operation of the IP phone or analog device so that it may register successfully with the Cisco CME router. The files that will be needed include:.

All of the necessary firmware files for IP phones are stored internally on the Cisco CME option 150 ip dhcp cisco flash, so an external database or file server is not required. These firmware files are installed in flash memory when the Cisco CME software is extracted and installed. The firmware required will vary with the devices, and needs to be available when a new phone or a phone with a different version of firmware comes online.

The firmware files need to be made available through a TFTP server. This is done with the command tftp-server flashfirmware-file-name. This command as well as other related commands will be covered in more detail in the next lesson.

The firmware names with. Once a signed phone load is installed on a phone, that phone cannot go back to an unsigned phone load. The phone will always have to use a signed phone load even if used by CallManager.

This file is generated by the system during the initialization of the Cisco CME software when the command create-cnf-files is found in the startup-config. This command and other related commands will be covered in more detail in the next lesson. In the graphic, the configuration file contains the IP address and option 150 ip dhcp cisco representing the interface and port to which the phone will attempt to register on the Cisco CME router.

Within the configuration file there is also a language defined that will be applied to the IP phone in question. About Contact Privacy Policy Resources. Post a comment Name

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