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F1 instances with customer-programmable FPGAs can increase performance by as much as 30x over general-purpose CPUs; preview starts today. Amazon Lightsail gives developers the ability to launch powerful virtual private servers in only three clicks for a simple, low monthly price. Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc. AWSan Amazon. AWS also announced Amazon Lightsail, a new way to options futures and other derivatives amazon india started with AWS that makes it easy to spin up powerful virtual private servers VPS that have bundled storage and networking with simple, monthly pricing.

To get started with Amazon EC2, visit https: Today, we expanded this range of options even further by adding a way to help customers get started quickly with Amazon Lightsail, introducing the next generation of our Memory, Compute, and Storage Optimized instance families, and delivering hardware acceleration with Elastic GPUs and FPGA-enabled F1 instances. With ENA, larger instance sizes deliver total bandwidth above 20 Gbps, and smaller instance sizes offer 10 Gpbs peak network throughput.

And, new larger sizes of T2 burstable instances enable web applications requiring larger memory footprints. A growing set of applications such as genomics research, financial analysis, and video processing push the boundaries of options futures and other derivatives amazon india customers can do with a CPU.

For these applications, developers can program acceleration algorithms that are custom-tailored for their specific workloads directly into silicon by using FPGAs. Until now, this type of custom hardware acceleration has been prohibitively expensive, time consuming, and limited to those who work at companies that can afford the significant fixed cost at scale.

FPGAs are connected to F1 instances through a dedicated, isolated network fabric and are not shared across instances, users, or accounts, making them fast and secure. This substantially simplifies bringing new innovations to market and enables us to focus on new algorithms and supporting customers. NGCodec is a provider of video compression technology.

Updating our install base globally will be as simple as publishing a new Amazon FPGA image and re-launching F1 instances. CME Group is one of the world's leading derivatives marketplace offering risk management solutions, including futures and options, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products, and metals. Amazon EC2 F1 instances will allow us to substantially accelerate rate of innovation of risk analysis for our customers, while delivering greater cost efficiency relative to using traditional IT infrastructure.

G2 instances for graphics-intensive applications like 3D application streaming, video encoding, and other server-side graphics workloads, and P2 instances for general-purpose GPU compute applications like machine learning, high performance databases, and other server-side workloads requiring massive parallel floating point processing power. While these instances are very popular, there are times when customers need a small amount of GPU for graphics acceleration, or have applications that could benefit from some GPU, but also require high amounts of compute, memory, or storage, making them less suited to the G2 or P2 instances.

With Amazon Elastic GPUs, customers can configure the right amount of graphics acceleration for their particular workload without being constrained by fixed hardware configurations and limited GPU selection. Sometimes, developers just want a server in the cloud to deploy their code or run their software, and Amazon Lightsail provides the easiest way for them to launch a VPS with just a few clicks.

Amazon Lightsail includes everything customers need for projects such as web sites, blogs, custom applications, or development servers. Customers can get started with just three clicks; they simply choose a virtual private options futures and other derivatives amazon india image from a menu of over 10 images that includes Options futures and other derivatives amazon india, WordPress, Drupal, and others, and select one of five server sizes.

With Options futures and other derivatives amazon india Lightsail, customers can use preconfigured operating system templates or pre-installed popular application setups.

Amazon Lightsail runs on the AWS Cloud, making it easy for customers to connect to the more advanced services when they are ready.

AWS offers over 70 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, analytics, mobile, Internet of Things IoT and enterprise applications from 38 Availability Zones AZs across 14 geographic regions in the U. AWS services are trusted by more than a million active customers around the world -- including the fastest growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies -- to power their infrastructure, make them more agile, and lower costs.

To learn more about AWS, visit http: Amazon is guided by four principles: For more information, visit www. View source version on businesswire.

Media Hotline, Amazon-pr amazon. Available today are two larger sizes of T2 Burstable Performance Instances, which provide a baseline level of CPU performance with the options futures and other derivatives amazon india to burst options futures and other derivatives amazon india full core performance when needed.

Customers with existing T2 workloads can now scale up to the larger T2 sizes if desired. Available today, R4 instances are designed for high performance databases, distributed memory caches, in-memory analytics, genome assembly and analysis, and other enterprise applications.

They feature a larger L3 cache that is twice the size of the previous generation R3a new 16xlarge size that offers twice the memory as the previous generation with GiB of fast, DDR4 memory, and 64 vCPUs two times as many as the largest R3 — all for 20 percent less per GiB of RAM than the previous generation R3 instances.

Coming in earlyC5 instances include the next generation of the Intel Xeon Processor family code named Skylake with AVX and up to 72 vCPUs twice that of previous generation C4 compute-optimized instancesand GiB of memory, making them the best price to compute performance of any Amazon EC2 instance.

C5 instances are ideal for batch processing, distributed analytics, high performance science and engineering applications, ad serving, massively multiplayer online MMO gaming, and video encoding.

Additionally, I3 instances deliver up to nine times the IOPs as the previous generation with 3. F1 instances — custom FPGA hardware acceleration for all A growing set of applications such as genomics research, financial analysis, and video processing push the boundaries of what customers can do with a CPU.

About Amazon Amazon is guided by four principles: Kindle Brand Use Guidelines.

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