Trading Card Game: Pokémon TCG: Generations expansion info and pics

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Ideally, you should pick a favorite Pokemon and make it the center of your deck. Always build with a direction, and beyond pokemon trading card game online codes ebay, avoid pulling in cards of too many energy types.

This will make it tougher to receive the energy card you want. On that note, pokemon trading card game online codes ebay mindful of the rules. In other words, kiss the dream of 40 Charizards goodbye. Pokemon trading card game online codes ebay better, ask veteran players for some tips.

This is without question the easiest way to learn the game. Switch the difficulty to Easy and collect new decks faster. Beating up the AI may give you a false sense of confidence real players will immediately shatter. The simplest way to score free cards is to log into TCG Online each day. The game will eventually award you a login bonus in the form of a Basic Orange deck and three booster packs. Feel free to repeat this process for each deck you see, and continue beating computer opponents to permanently unlock these decks.

Meanwhile, look at the Trainer Score bar during Trainer Challenges to earn more points facing the computer. Receive a random booster when you earn over 30, points. Do this with every single non-player character NPC you meet in a league to earn up to three packs for 45 booster packs in total. The quickest way to max out your booster packs is to play on Expert difficulty.

Finally, there are free card codes you can enter. A five-card best option brokers online booster pack, for instance, costs 95 tokens, while a themed deck will run you tokens. The easiest way to get tokens, similar to free cards, is to log into the game every day.

Most days this results in 15 tokens, but logging into TCG four straight days will produce a pack of cards. This carries over to multiplayer, where playing against someone else in a match that lasts longer than five minutes results in 10 tokens, regardless of whether you win or lose. On a side note, compete in Expert PvP battles that last five minutes or longer to score one token if you lose, and three if you win.

For now, download the game for iPad! Complete all of the Tutorials This is without question the easiest way to learn the game. Feel free to give us your best TCG tips. More from Prima Games News. Comments Read this article. Sign in to join the discussion or register for an account Sign in.

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