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Generated on Feb from project qtbase revision v5. FileError 96 97 This enum describes the errors that may be returned by the error 98 function.

Permission This enum is used by the permission function to report the permissions and ownership of a file. The values may be OR-ed together to test multiple permissions and ownership values. On Unix, the rights of the owner of the file are returned and on Windows the rights of the current user are returned.

This behavior might change in a future Qt version. To enable it, include the following line: QFile offers the main functionality, QFileDevice serves as a base class for sharing functionality with other file devices such as QTemporaryFile, by providing all the operations that can be done on files that have been opened by QFile qiodevice binary trading 2018 QTemporaryFile. FileHandleFlag This enum is used when opening a file to specify additional options which only apply to files and not to a generic QIODevice.

On systems that use file descriptors for sockets i. Unix systems, but not Windows the handle can be used with QSocketNotifier as well. Errors from flush are ignored.

Therefore, you qiodevice binary trading 2018 not depend on atEnd when reading data from such a file, but rather call read until no more data can be read. If a write is performed at this position, then the file will be extended. Permission for the file. PermsMask ; return QFile:: Any such modifications will be lost when the memory is unmapped.

It is unspecified whether modifications made to the file made after the mapping is created will be visible through the mapped memory. This enum value was introduced in Qt qiodevice binary trading 2018. A file should be open for a map to succeed qiodevice binary trading 2018 the file does not need to stay open after the memory has been mapped.

When the QFile is destroyed or a new file is opened with this object, any maps that have not been unmapped will automatically be unmapped. NoErrorlastWasWrite false. FileError errint qiodevice binary trading 2018. QFile offers the main functionality.

QFileDevice serves as a base class for sharing functionality with other file devices such. QIODevice ddparent. On systems that use file. Flushes any buffered data to the file. For regular empty files on Unix e. Therefore, you should not depend on atEnd when reading data from such a. IODevice is not open". UnspecifiedErrortr "No file engine available" .

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