Designing Connection Oriented Networks for Multi-Domain Path Resilience

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Provisional Patent Application Ser. Similarly, the concepts, terms, and acronyms of MPLS networks are well-known in the art. This model is limited by rfc 2547 option brokerage pre-defined and standard objects and relationships defined in the Common Information Model CIM. However, MIBs typically do not capture relationships between objects.

The lack of a systematic model specifically rfc 2547 option brokerage for the MPLS and VPN object classes and their relationships limits several forms of important analysis.

Hence there is a need in the industry for a method and system that overcomes known deficiencies in rfc 2547 option brokerage MPLS networks and Virtual Private Networks. A method and apparatus for representing a network and performing operations on the represented network are disclosed. The method comprises the steps of creating at least one configuration non-specific object class associated with components rfc 2547 option brokerage the network, creating at least one configuration non-specific representation of relationships among associated object classes, representing a behavior relationship among the object classes based on the representations of the rfc 2547 option brokerage among the object classes and analyzing properties of the network based on the behavior relationships.

It is to be understood that these drawings are solely for purposes of illustrating the concepts of the invention and are not intended as a definition of the limits of the invention. The embodiments shown in the figures herein and described in the accompanying detailed description are to be used as illustrative embodiments and should not be construed as the only manner of practicing the invention.

Also, the same reference numerals, possibly supplemented with reference characters where appropriate, have been used to identify similar elements. Also shown are Customer Edge CE nodes or routersrfc 2547 option brokerage, andwhich are in communication with corresponding provider rfc 2547 option brokerage nodesand The CE nodes, and represent are components or routers rfc 2547 option brokerage at the customer premises that are directly connected, at either a network Layer 2 or Layer 3 level of the OSI stack to the ingress and egress provider edge routersand Internal routers, which are not shown, are responsible for converting the packet or frame structure from the one used to communicate with CE routers,and to the packet or frame structure used internally by an associated private network.

A CE router or node is typically connected to only one provider edge router or node. However, as shown in this illustrative case, provider edge router is connected to CE router and CE router VPN routing and addressing structures are created for each customer in the PE and internal nodes not shownand designate the path assigned to the customer.

The typical attributes of a VRF instance include a name, associated interfaces, route-distinguisher, import route-targets, export route-targets, rfc 2547 option brokerage a routing table.

RouteTargets RTs are identifiers associated with a set of routes through the network In this illustrative case, CE for example, may communicate privately with CE by the appropriate selection of Rfc 2547 option brokerage in each edge router or node and the not shown internal routers or nodes. In one aspect of the invention, a Route-Distinguisher may also be specified that provides a distinguishing characteristic for the specific route.

This distinguishing characteristic is used when duplicate addresses are encountered. LERs and are identified as A and F, respectively. Although LSR is discussed and shown with regard to a unidirectional transmission, it would be recognized that the routers and the links between routers may be configured for bi-direction transmission and reception,—i. The Label Switch Routers, in this case, -represent the core MPLS nodes and contain forwarding tables that map the incoming label and incoming port information into an outgoing label and outgoing port.

The incoming port is the identifier of the network interface at which a packet arrived while the outgoing port is the identifier of the network rfc 2547 option brokerage through which the packet will proceed to the next node.

In some cases, only the MPLS label is used in making the forwarding decision. In such cases, incoming packets arriving on different incoming ports with the same label will be treated the same. Using a label swapping operation, the provider node replaces the MPLS label in the incoming packet with a new MPLS label rfc 2547 option brokerage the outgoing packet and sends the new packet via the outgoing port.

The last router, i. This functionality is well-known in the art and referred to a penultimate hop popping or PHP.

In this illustrated rfc 2547 option brokerage, three services are provided and correspond rfc 2547 option brokerage the three ranges of IP addresses rfc 2547 option brokerage. The services may be used by a single user or by other users. Thus, information associated with the range of IP addresses The destination Label Edge Router does not require a routing table in this direction to retrieve the desired destination address, as it is the last node in LSP Also shown is that table The use of the MPLS label stack is well-known in rfc 2547 option brokerage art and need not be discussed in detail herein.

CIM models are known to represent selected ones of the physical network components, e. Those network components that are selected for representation in the model rfc 2547 option brokerage also referred to as managed components. The representation of the managed components further includes aspects or properties of the modeled component.

Similarly, relationships between the managed components may also be represented and contained in the model. Further, the Protocol Endpoint These labels are swapped for or changed to on the same device or component. Base model UCS object class Referring now to FIG. Similarly, the relationship between VRFs More specifically, and referring to FIG.

Interface is connected via a medium, e. Network connection is further connected, via medium to interface and subsequently to port 3 of node In the example shown, the model includes connectorwhich is representative of interfaceand is shown to possess a ConnectedVia relationship to logical link Link is representative of network connection and has rfc 2547 option brokerage ConnectedVia relationship to connectorwhich is representative of interface It would be recognized by those skilled in the art that the information to populate or determine instances of the object classes, i.

Each of these sources of information are representative of communications rfc 2547 option brokerage may occur dynamically over the physical rfc 2547 option brokerage that the model overlays, i.

Two private networks are shown in that route illustrates a private communication path for one user and route illustrates a private communication path for a second user. Also, shown are VRF 1 In this illustrative example, VRF 1 Although only a single VPN is shown associated with each user, it would be recognized that each user may be associated with multiple VPNs.

Multiple VPNs may be utilized based on factors such as communication link or node fault, performance, cost, etc. Thus, the user or customer may select an alternate VPN to accommodate a detected failure in one communication rfc 2547 option brokerage, or based on the type of data transmitted, e.

Selection of an alternate VPN rfc 2547 option brokerage be determined in view of results of one or more analysis operations that may be performed, as will be more fully discussed. In this exemplary behavior relationship a problem or event that occurs in nodes A,or B, causes service to customers 1and 2 rfc 2547 option brokerage, to be impacted, whereas a problem in node C, impacts the service to customer 1but has no impact on the service provided to customer 2 In this case, properties of the nodes as represented by object classes are propagated through the relationships among the object to create a behavior relationship.

For example, a failure in a node has an adverse or negative impact on associated nodes and, thus, node failure may be propagated through associated objects and elevated to the higher levels within the model representation. Although the exemplary behavior relationship is discussed with regard to a node failure, it would be recognized that similar behavior relationships may be determined with regard to causality, performance, cost, etc.

In this illustrative case, it may be determined that four LSPs exist between node 1 l 0i. The three IP address ranges, as previously discussed, may be associated with a service provided by the network and are hereinafter referred to as service 1service 2and service rfc 2547 option brokeragerespectively.

The behavior relationship illustrates may show the effect on an LSP when a failure, occurs in a related node or path. In this case an operation or event in LSP D-F, for example, effects the operation in service 2 but not in services 1 or 3. Utilizing the information shown in FIGS. In a similar manner, an analysis may be performed to locate the cause of a failure, i. Root cause analysis is further discussed with regard to U. Examples of problems in a root-cause analysis that may be identified in an MPLS VPN network by using the combined models described are tabulated in Table 1.

Although the present invention has been shown and described with regard to an impact and root-cause analysis, other forms of analysis may also be performed with regard to the networks represented. Sources or devices may be devices such as routers, servers, computers, notebook computer, PDAs, cells phones or other devices suitable for transmitting and receiving information responsive to the processes shown herein.

Communication medium may represent, for example, a bus, a communication network, one or more internal connections of a circuit, circuit card or other apparatus, as well as portions and combinations of these and other communication media. Input data from the devices may be processed in accordance with one or more computer programs or software that may be stored in memories and executed by processors Memories may be any magnetic, optical or semiconductor medium that is loadable and retains information either permanently, e.

PROM, or non-permanently, e. Processors may be any means, such as general rfc 2547 option brokerage or special purpose computing system, such as a laptop computer, desktop computer, a server, handheld computer, or may be a hardware configuration, such as dedicated logic circuit, or integrated circuit. In one aspect, hardware circuitry may be used in place of, or in combination with, software instructions to implement the invention.

The elements illustrated herein may also be implemented as discrete hardware elements that are operable to perform the operations shown using coded logical operations or by executing hardware executable code. In a one aspect, the processes shown herein may be represented by computer readable code stored on a computer readable simple best option trading strategy ever. The code may also be stored in the memory As one skilled in the art would recognize, the term computer or computer system may represent one rfc 2547 option brokerage more processing units in communication with one or more memory units and other devices, e.

Furthermore, the devices may be electronically connected to the one or rfc 2547 option brokerage processing units via internal busses, e. While there has been shown, described, and pointed out fundamental novel features of the present invention as applied to preferred embodiments thereof, it will be understood that various omissions and substitutions and changes in the apparatus described, in the form and details of the devices disclosed, and in their operation, may be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the rfc 2547 option brokerage of the present invention.

It is expressly intended that all combinations of those elements that perform substantially the same function in substantially the same way to achieve the same results are within the scope of the invention. Substitutions of elements from one described embodiment to another are also fully intended and contemplated.

Year of fee payment: In addition, representations of the MPLS labels may be defined as: A method for representing a network and performing operations on the represented network, the method comprising the steps of: The method as recited in claim 1further comprising the step of: Rfc 2547 option brokerage method as recited in claim 2wherein said instances of selected ones of object classes rfc 2547 option brokerage predetermined.

The method as recited in claim 4wherein said instances of selected ones of the representations of relationships are predetermined. The method as recited in claim 1 wherein the step of representing the behavior relationship comprises the step of: The method as recited in claim 6 wherein the behavior relationship is selected from a group consisting of: The method as recited in claim 1wherein the event is associated with an occurrence in at least one of said network components.

The method as recited in claim 1wherein the step of analysis is selected from the group consisting of: The method as recited in claim 9further comprising the step of:

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VSN position controller, such resource signaling messages may be exchanged between the VSN, admission control can be performed so that the end-user stream. RFC ] for the current situation in the art it is desirable, although other techniques are also well VPN application. A data transmission network and a virtual service networks VSN of the telecommunications system, the virtual service networks VSN for the transfer of data across the network to provide a predetermined quality of service QoS guarantee for the user data stream, characterized in that the virtual service network comprises a virtual service network controller VSnc , it is adapted to control the resources of the virtual network service, and performs admission control by each user wants to transmit in the data transfer network via the user data stream.

A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 1, wherein said data transmission network is a virtual private network the VPN , which is adapted to provide a guaranteed data transmission capacity virtual service networks. A telecommunication system as claimed in claim 1, wherein the virtual service network controller VSnc is adapted to manage VSN SLA said data transfer network resources. A telecommunication system as claimed in claim 1, wherein said user data is arranged in data packets.

A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 5, wherein said reachability protocol comprises: A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 6, wherein said protocol for exchanging routing information is carried out based on an Internet Protocol [IP] address.

A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 5, wherein each virtual network service all, the service provider has transferred from a region corresponding to the data transfer network by a service provider network provider the SP NP leased transmission capacity. A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 8, wherein said telecommunication system comprises a domain routing device, which includes storage means adapted to store the virtual routing table to identify the service provider peering agreements between each other, thereby, since the virtual routing table, by the end user service level specifications such identified service providers SLS connected to each other.

A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 9, characterized in that each service provider has a service associated virtual network controller VSNC: The end of the telecommunications system as claimed in claim 10, wherein the service provider SP service virtual network controller VSnc including bandwidth verification means is adapted to service level specification SLA between the direction of the end-user end of the chain of authentication available bandwidth.

A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 9, wherein the inter-domain routing input means comprises a border router BR and an output border router BR , wherein a network is the Internet, the service provider SP is a application service provider ASP.

A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 10, characterized in that between the common address is used to define the service level specification SLS , and the like virtual service networks VSN exchange, and used to uniquely identify an end user.

A telecommunications system as claimed in claim 12 or 13, characterized in that the same common address is mounted in a plurality of virtual router function, the user in order to reach the same destination via different application service provider.

A method for use in a transport network 14 in the following virtual router as claimed in claim, wherein said virtual router comprising storage means for storing information about the reachability service level agreements, the information determining the content of specific service provider which users can achieve: A method of providing a telecommunication system, said telecommunication system comprising a virtual service networks VSN , the data transfer network for the user data stream in a data network resource allocation, the virtual service network in accordance with the agreed quality of service QoS guarantees to control the user data flow through the data transfer network, the method is characterized in that, the virtual data stream further permit users to establish service network licensing guidelines VSN SLA for controlling said data network.

A method of providing a telecommunication system having a plurality of interconnected virtual service networks VSN of the method, each virtual service network and a data transmission associated with the network, and in accordance with the agreed quality of service QoS guaranteed by its associated control user data stream data transfer network.

The method according to claim 17, wherein said reachability protocol comprises: A method of providing quality of service QoS service in a virtual network VSN having a virtual service network controller, characterized in that the method comprises the steps of: A method of providing quality of service in a telecommunications system having two or more peer virtual service networks VSN of QoS guaranteed method of communicating, characterized in that the method comprises: A method as claimed in claim 20, characterized in that the method comprises the steps implemented in the service level specification virtual service network entry point.

A method as claimed in claim 20, wherein the virtual service network identity of the destination terminal connected thereto is inserted in the forwarding of the request, the network traffic between the home virtual destination virtual service network and forwards the request to the next hop identity virtual business network path is included on the next hop virtual business network and a home virtual business network among each intervention.

The virtual configuration domain between a virtual service network between the service network method in two or more peers in the art, wherein, - establishment of the domain service level specification VSN SLA across each field; - within a peer between the domain control of the other virtual service networks -; virtual service network is established between the inter-domain service level specification; - the availability of control resources in each domain so that the domain service level specification compliance under the control of the corresponding network Management system the availability of resources in order to comply with inter-domain service level specification.

The method of claim 23, wherein the virtual service domain traffic network by the corresponding virtual network control traffic controller, the characteristics of this method is that the routing information is stored in the virtual routing environment, and the routing information from the virtual routing environment It is passed to the virtual business network controller. A method as claimed in claim 24, wherein the routing information is transmitted over the signaling band.

The method as claimed in claim 25, wherein said routing information by using a border gateway protocol or alternative routing protocol session is transmitted. A method as claimed in claim 24, wherein the inter-domain service level specification allows virtual service requesting peer networks are ranked. A span comprising two or more peer virtual service network inter-domain virtual network service method of transmitting a data stream, wherein, the virtual routing domain edge router VR environment, each virtual service networks ER and border router BR is mounted in association, to ensure that the data stream corresponding to the internal virtual service network is included in the resources allocated to the virtual network service, the internal data flow to the destination from the data stream an appropriate edge router or boundary router address and the determined virtual routing environment, and the data flow is transmitted to the edge router or another virtual network traffic flow is controlled by another virtual routing environment in which another virtual network service, as said another virtual environment with the other virtual routing service network domain edge router or boundary router being mounted in association.

A telecommunications system comprising a plurality of peer to peer network to establish virtual service data flow method between the service provider SP and the user, The method is characterized in that: A method as claimed in claim, wherein the inlet from the details identifying the requesting party, and the destination IP address used to map to the next hop virtual service network a routing table and next hop peer determine export.

A method as claimed in claim 32 virtual service network, wherein the data network to support one or more service networks, characterized in that, for at least one virtual network service VSN , placed in a data network comprising at least one pair of edge router ER one or more core routers P between A virtual network service as claimed in claim 32, wherein the virtual service network controller VSnc according to the data flow admission control for each data flow execution request through the virtual service networks VSN transmission.

A press adapted to the predetermined quality of service QoS guaranteed network controller virtual service data flow control virtual service networks VSN of VSnc , characterized in that said controller comprises a memory means, the apparatus comprising a a first memory area for storing network identification information, and the availability of a second storage area for storing information identifying a predetermined quality of service, and the controller is further adapted according to the quality of service information on a per data flow control allocation of network resources.

In a packet network, comprising two or more virtual network service, characterized in that, for each virtual network traffic associated with the virtual network service edge routers and bridges associated with the virtual router service network comprising a unique virtual route environment, and each of said virtual environment contains routing information only of its virtual traffic route network.

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