Mapping External DB Data Types to OutSystems Data Types

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MemSQL supports the following data types. The sizes given are for in-memory rowstore tables. Columnstore on-disk tables are stored differently, and often compressed. For example, see below how the value of the ts column is chosen after insert and update operations:. There are three fixed-size string types in MemSQL. The space consumed is directly proportional to their length definitions.

There are several variable-length string types. The data for these variable types are stored in a memory allocation designed for them, and pointers to their locations in memory are stored in the main searching from varbinary data type javascript structure. This means that the space consumed by a particular value is the byte length of the string, plus an 8-byte overhead for the pointer, and a 4-byte overhead for storing the length.

There is an additional 4-byte searching from varbinary data type javascript if the field is nullable. One exception is values less than 7 bytes long. Those small values are stored directly in the pointer area. While they all operate similarly for most English-language alphanumeric strings, there are several important differences in their behavior. Aside from their maximum lengths, there is no practical difference between these types in MemSQL, including performance or memory efficiency.

They are implemented solely for backwards compatibility with MySQL syntax. Geospatial types contain information about points, paths, and polygons on the surface of the Earth. For more information, see the Geospatial Guide. The space consumed by the path and polygon data in Geography columns is dependent on the complexity of the objects.

Indexing a Geography object may also consume more space than indexes over other datatypes. We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our documentation or check out the help searching from varbinary data type javascript. Was this article useful?

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For this to work, you need to ensure that the database table containing the external data is set up to support this. If the database table schema does not include a column with this information, you must add it to the schema.

The following tables contain an example of a database table schema with this column and sample values for it that are stored in the database table. Then, you can create all the operations.

For more information, see How to: Create External Content Types and How to: You cannot make these modifications in SharePoint Designer. In SharePoint Designer, click External Content Types in the left navigation to display the external content types that are defined in that site's service application's BDC metadata store. Select the location where you want to save the BDC model.

Create a new method that returns the BLOB field. You should define a StreamAccessor type method instance for this method, as shown in the following example. Re-import the model file by using the Business Connectivity Services service application administration UI.

Search connector framework in SharePoint. Create External Content Types. Modeling a StreamAccessor Method. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. For more information on this change, please read our blog post. Note The table name in this example is Attachment. What type of feedback would you like to provide?

Give product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback Give documentation feedback You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.