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For those who happen to be their first time here, you can find the first part heresecond part hereand third parthere. As mentioned, online stock brokers have made it possible to enable stock trading metrobank brokerage account people like us to start investing in stocks. Well, it was also possible to invest in stocks before, of course, but at this age of the internet, it just got easier.

Such are the major qualities I am looking for when I decided to start investing in stocks. So here I was researching over the net to find out the online broker that suits my preferences. It was Citisec Online then. It was actually okay for me. However, the only issue I had was that either you have to invest a certain amount every month that is if you sign up on their one program or plan; or if you will sign up in the other one, you have to deposit PhP25, FMSBC provides retail customers—US—with a more convenient and accessible medium—online is one—through which stock trading metrobank brokerage account can participate in the stock market.

First Metro Sec also offers timely and accurate research and market information, therefore providing ease in making informed trading decisions. Considering those points, I know I am onto something good. Finally, what sold me into signing up online with First Metro Sec is the fact that, as long as you have a savings account at Metrobank which Stock trading metrobank brokerage account already do haveyou do not need an initial deposit to start trading. First Metro Sec has no idea I am writing about them in this article.

They also have no dealings with PHStocks whatsoever. So, if you have decided to really start investing in the stock market, and you happen to already have a savings account in Metrobank, then I suggest signing up on First Metro Sec.

For a minimum of PhP2, Even with that such as what I havestock trading metrobank brokerage account can already sign up for a stock trading account at First Metro Sec, link your savings account and stock trading account, fund your stock trading account, and be ready to buy that very first stock.

Of course, stock trading metrobank brokerage account are a lot of online brokers that you can choose from. It just so happened that I preferred First Metro Sec. They are absolutely more than welcome. Shoot me an email at richard phstocks. I too were just starting to do my homework on Stocks Investment. Just a few comment though on FMIC. But in general this is an Excellent Blog. What differs is only which account deposit you prefer.

First Metro has better historical data though than COL. But if your looking into 5 year data only, its just as good in COL. Check out this link: But if you already have a savings account with Metrobank, I guess that would still be convenient. Thank you for your insightful remarks. I actually did consider COL Financial, but since I have been using Metrobank in my other banking activities, I decided to just stick with it.

I may be wrong, but at the time, I was under the impression that stock trading metrobank brokerage account Easy Investment Program requires you to fund your stock brokerage account with PhP5, Thanks for this great help. It is really helpful. I know this for sure because i am also in this field.

I have a similar site regarding stockbroker help. Do visit and tell me how it is. Sections About Disclaimer Contact Us. Hi Justine, Thank you for your insightful stock trading metrobank brokerage account. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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