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Now you need only edit the HandleExtraFileTypes. You will need to recompile the HandleExtraFileTypes. Remember to place the plugin. Note how above I have created a separate, static public method to save the image. In this fashion, ImageJ can save your file from the menus, but also any of your other plugins can tag imagej binary options the file without having to invoke the plugin and thus Thread-safe. In a terminal, type:. Multithreading means running processes in parallel. Only completely independent tasks can be run in parallel.

What makes sense to multithread? Process stack slices in parallel. Process multiple images in parallel. The good news is that ImageJ will process stack slices in parallel automatically, at least as of version 1.

As for processing multiple images in parallel: The same encapsulation is provided for Macro options, which provide parameter values for plugins and automatically fill in text fields, checkboxes and pull down menus in dialogs. Macro options are now thread-bound: Any call to ij. A call to ij. A new method ij.

WindowManager's current image is now thread-bound: If no image has been assigned, or there is no entry for the calling Thread in the tempImageTable, then the image contained in the active window tag imagej binary options returned -- which is liable to change, and is not thread-safe.

In accordance to 1 and 2 above, ij. IJ class has now 3 new static methods tag imagej binary options invoking a command or plugin on an image, and saving it: This means the plugin implementing the command will only see that ImagePlus and those macro options, no matter what other plugins or the user are concurrently executing. These two methods finally solve the problem of trying to save two images in two parallel threads, with random collisions in the form of the same image being saved in two files and one of the two images not being saved tag imagej binary options all tag imagej binary options made possible by the new Thread-bound current image concept in the ij.

Armed with the new ij 1. An ImageJ image stack consists of four parts, very similar to the above:. You must call updateAndDraw after modifying the pixels if you tag imagej binary options the change to be reflected on an image currently being displayed on the screen. There are several ImageProcessor classes, each with its own specialized set of constructors. If you are holding a pointer to the ImageProcessor as obtained from ImagePlus getProcessor method, the pixel array pointer of that ImageProcessor will be set to null.

You should instead call duplicate on the ImageProcessor, or get its pixels directly via getPixels and store them in a new ImageProcessor of the same dimensions setting along the LUT, etc. All methods revolve around the ij. Above notice how the URL http: If desired, one can directly call:.

In a high-level way, pixels may be edited by calling ImageJ commands on an image:. Any ImageJ command may be applied. You can find out which commands to use and which arguments to give them by running the Plugins - Macros - Recorder, and manually calling ImageJ menu commands on an open image.

GeneralPath, it's capable of storing any number of disconnected regions of interest of any shape. The ImageProcessor class offers methods to draw lines, text and dots, and many more. Of course updating the screen image is only necessary if you are displaying the ImagePlus. Many formats are supported. Search for method "saveAs" in class IJ. The FileSaver class has many more options: That is, how to fill in automatically the values in a dialog, so that it never tag imagej binary options up.

In this way, plugins that require dialogs can be used for batch processing without user intervention. Set the Macro options for that Thread. Execute the function normally: Any keys not defined in the Macro options will take the default value for that key. To test the above code, just go to menu "PlugIns - New - Javascript" and paste it in the text window that opens.

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