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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay this site. My nephews and I have started posting Minecraft videos on my YouTube channel!

Fairly random, but enjoyable. Most popular MC vid so far is the one Vechs laughed at on Twitter! All users will need to merge their Minecraft Forum account with a new or existing Twitch account starting October 23rd.

You can merge your accounts by clicking here. Curse Help Register Sign In. Home Minecraft Forum Minecraft: Java Edition Suggestions Peaceful Villagers: I don't tend to play Peaceful, but I recently found a very neat map with a village close to the start, and after enjoying it for a good long time on Survival, I decided to recreate the map and try it on Peaceful. Trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay out that there's a couple items you can't get on Peaceful.

I knew that, but it never mattered much to me until it started to actually impact my gameplay here. The farmer asks me to catch fish for him, and I have to hunt down an abandoned mineshaft trbinaryoptions platform get the cobwebs to make a fishing pole.

Besides the need for bonemeal, which'd make it easier to garden one of the big pastimes in this village, actually and potentially help me dye sheep, there's a whole pack of dogs near the start here, and I can't tame a one of them! Not only does this restrict my options as far as gameplay, it endangers my sheep, and that bugs me. Now, you can get Ender Pearls from villagers. This got me to thinking: Why not have the villagers go further to bridge the gap between mob drops and Peaceful?

Suggestion Part One Farmers can sell String. I mean, you do sell them Wool, which IRL is used to make yarn and such. I always thought that you ought to be able to turn wool into string yourself, but trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay it's better this way because it does take a bit of skill to be able trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay work a spinning wheel. Butchers can sell Bones.

This makes a lot of sense! I used to think it would be realistic for all animal kills to give you bones, but honestly, on normal gameplay I get more bones than I can use anyway. But a butcher selling Bones, and Bone Meal directly, would be perfect. I suppose eventually we could have a Miner villager who sells you explosives, but that's not important to my style of play. Suggestion Part Two These aren't about improving Peaceful, but trades that seem like they should already be in the game.

Farmers should buy Eggs. When I originally thought about this, I was going to say the numbers should be 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, maybe even higher 42, 48, 54, 60because they are dozens and half-dozens Incidentally, I'd like to be able to set the villagers on "Vegetarian" mode, where they don't ask for trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay sell meat.

I was pleasantly immersed in the game the other day, trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay to realize that in order to progress in the trades, I'd have to kill a bunch of my chickens. Unfertilized eggs are not baby chickens, and will never become baby chickens; it's not the same as killing a chicken.

For those who didn't know. Farmers do buy Wheat, and since villages commonly trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay with fields, I treat this like a day job: But they don't buy Carrots or Potatoes. I ended up with stacks and stacks of potatoes carrots can at least breed pigsand while they're trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay for food, this is useless on Peaceful since the hunger bar is tied to difficulty I would really like to play Peaceful with Hunger, myself.

But suppose farmers could buy more ingredients: Gathering crops would be a way of getting paid. So, Farmers should buy more crops. And why is it that for every other type of meat, the villager buys raw and sells cooked - and they buy wheat and sell bread - but for fish, they buy cooked and don't bother with raw at all?

Here's a minor thought: Priests should buy Lapis Lazuli. I know that for me, Lapis Lazuli is dye and decoration and I like it a lot, but for dedicated miners who don't decorate much, I'm sure they run across more lapis lazuli than they know what to do with. Why not sell it to one of the villagers?

The priest or librarian would make the most sense. If we ever get more gems, selling them to the villagers would provide a way to fund any number of purchases of goods. But for right now, this is enough. Yeah, you can get bones in pyramids, so technically it's possible to find them on Peaceful. But that's of little help to the average player, especially in trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay case like mine where you spawn near a bunch of dogs you want to tame, but a pyramid is nowhere to be found.

Dogs are useless to Peaceful mode? People like to have pets, after all. It keeps them from attacking sheep. Last edited by Kilyle: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. This is a very sensible suggestion, and one I like very much. Anyone who says "You don't need bones on Peaceful" has never tried to do a large project requiring wood. Not just fishing, but tripwires. Peaceful is a great way to play with Redstone, and to do that well you need to be able to make everything.

Also, this fits in with my thoughts on Hardcore mode and hunger, as detailed here. Last edited by AnonTheMouse: Check out my 5 Rules of Game Design! First off I like the ideas so! But the following made me laugh. This is a good idea. Personally, I'd like to see a difficulty between Peaceful and Easy where there are no monsters, but you need to eat and don't super regen life.

That way survivalists can play realistic "survival" that doesn't include fantasy monsters. Zenny, I agree that we ought to have survivalist abilities without monsters. That is why I think that difficulty should be customizable. Imagine all of these possible custom modes and mode elements: Peaceful, but with hunger enabled and regen off entirely. You can't regain health unless you find a way to make healing potions which you'd have to be able to make in some fashion in peaceful.

All mobs off except zombies and skellies. Night of the living dead! No spiders - good for players with arachnophobia. No creepers - good for players fed up with having their homes exploded. Or players with lag that makes it difficult to fight creepers well.

Spiders are passive mobs, and the texture pack makes them into futuristic space cows. Chickens want you dead. Chickens are passive, but all other usually passive critters are harmful to the touch; wolves actively try to eat you; and the only regular mobs are giant spiders, which also try to eat you.

All mobs, including squid, actively want you dead. All mobs are on, but they're all passive. My 6-year-old niece trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay frolic with the happy creepers in her beautiful pink texture pack. And I can slowly introduce her to the game mechanics via the need to keep fed.

All of these would be possible with the vanilla game and a texture pack, if you could set which elements are active, rather than have the difficulty set them for you. Can you imagine a Hardcore version of number 2? Undead everywhere, hunger to deal with, and if you die it's game over. I think number 8 would be insane since Steve is also a mob This would be quite practical for NPC villagers.

Hope to see you all here! I'm open to more discussion about the modes there, including thoughts about specific modes on that list, and additions to the list if you can think of any. I would love to see these possibilities open up to the community of texture pack artists and custom map designers, without any need for a mod.

You can already survive without monsters, but with hunger. Even with starvation if you play on hard. The monsters will then only spawn from spawners and monster eggs, so you can still get your bonemeal if you find a dungeon trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay a skeleton spawner. The suggestion seems a little bit redundant to me, because in Peaceful you don't have to eat and you can protect sheeps from wolves by simply put a decent fence or wall around them.

And part of the Minecraft gameplay is that you just trader 7 days to die xbox one gameplay to kill monsters to get all the items, so that playing without monsters will restrict you. However, I do not have really problems with the suggestion, as long as not every monster item will be available through trading.

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Whether you are a seasoned hunter, a weathered explorer, a master builder, a shrewd trader or a natural born fighter, there is a place for you in the massive open-world sandbox universe of Boundless. Watch the sunrise on one world before hunting down epic Titans on another.

Explore caverns on your own or build a city with your guild. Mine, trade or fight Protectors for resources and search for elusive Oort technology.

Build a shop and trade your treasures, create amazing sandbox contraptions, hunt for Titans, sell your services, claim land, see the worlds, open a Portal and expand your reach across the universe. Create your citizen, define your role, make your mark, become Boundless. Explore the land, explore the world, explore the entire, ever-expanding Boundless universe filled with amazing worlds and bizarre creatures. Mine deep underground, climb majestic peaks, discover mysterious abandoned ruins, search far and wide for the rarest crafting materials on your own or with your friends in an epic adventure.

Travel to different worlds and survive in new environments with real citizens and challenges, search for deposits of rare resources, lost artifacts and loot. Boundless is populated with numerous strange breeds of creatures, some gentle, some dangerous. Creatures from different worlds have been free to roam throughout the universe and breed. This has resulted in some seriously odd wildlife.

Tracking and hunting creatures can take time, skill and well-crafted weaponry, but successful hunters reap bountiful rewards for their efforts. Discover worlds rich in resources, and each different from the next. Ocean worlds where land is scarce and players live on small islands and atolls; mountain worlds where mines dominate the landscape and travel is difficult; desert worlds where minerals and metals are common, but survival is harsh.

The next world you visit could be a world of plenty or poverty. When you venture out make sure you have the right equipment, and be ready to fight! Boundless is a universe populated by real citizens. How you act defines who you are. Go it alone, or find friends and work together to make something amazing. Claim a source for loot or rare resources and citizens will flock from across the universe to trade with you.

Gather wealth, land, resources and share them with new or needy citizens and the universe will learn of your good deeds. Join with other players or start your own guild and gain access to monetary benefits, shops and land. Team up and build sprawling capital cities, interconnected Portal networks, shops and hub worlds that players from across the universe will flock to visit. The more members, gold and land your guild controls, the higher your standing will rise. Compete with other guilds to become the greatest, most powerful guild in the universe.

Donate to your guild and it can be used to fund new build projects, Portals, stocking communal supplies and helping new guild members. Gather prevalent resources on your world and sell them on other worlds where it's scarce. Create a jaw-dropping structure and charge for entrance, or carve a convenient path through a mountain and charge players a toll to pass through.

A universe of citizens await your creative talents, no creation will go unseen. Build almost anything you can think of. Protect your creations by claiming land using a Beacon.

Build a home to store your possessions and craft your wares. Join forces with your friends to create citizen run cities. Each player is entitled to craft a number of Beacons that can be used to claim and control land, allowing the owner to decide whether other players, friends or guild members can alter or add to the existing area.

Combine Beacons with your friends to found a settlement and share land. Beacons can even be used to secure strategic resources or locations.

Find a rich resource deposit and claim it before anyone else, then set up a shop on the surface and sell the goods. Portals are doorways that physically link worlds across the universe. If your friend lives on another world you can link your homes with a Portal and be as close as neighbours. If you want to explore new realms then open a Portal to a random or undiscovered world. The greatest threat in Boundless is unlike any other.

Gather your guild and use grappling hooks to climb, swing and jump onto them and then go to war! Co-ordinate the destruction of a Titan for the greatest fame and rewards, if you're up to the challenge.

Long after the Oort have died out their creations: The Protectors continue to guard their worlds, Portals and temples. They attack on sight, and caution must be taken. They always fight in groups, and taking them on requires the right weaponry, equipment, skill and tactics.

If you can defeat them great rewards and discoveries can be had. Titans can be found on some Worlds, their gargantuan shape floating above the landscape.

Don't expect it to be an easy task, taking down a Titan requires strategy, time, planning and serious guts. They are swarming with Protectors, and the energy that courses over their surface can be deadly. If you can triumph in this epic confrontation it is possible to harvest part of their core and make your own flying structures.

Each citizen you meet in the Boundless universe is different in appearance, skill and role. It's up to you to define how you'll make your mark. Gather and craft rare items and open well stocked shops that citizens flock to, or collect the oddest creatures in the universe and open a space zoo and charge citizens for entry.

How you succeed in Boundless is up to you. Every tool, weapon, machine and object in the world has been crafted by someone. Craft your own equipment, buy from someone else, or produce things to sell to others. To become a real master crafter takes time, skill, and a well-built workshop.

The universe is vast and disparate. Every world is uniquely different, yet somehow they share common artifacts. Grandiose temples and monuments containing ancient technology exist simultaneously and inexplicably across all worlds. An untouched universe, selfishly meddled with by a race of explorers, The Oort.

Now extinct, all that remains is their legacy. By harnessing artifacts left behind, your people have created Portals between worlds. Long after the time of The Oort, all species of the universe live, build, trade and fight together. The universe is yours to explore.

The worlds of Boundless are brought to life with breathtaking draw distances, advanced level of detail scaling, real-time reflections, HDR lighting, fog, bloom, depth of field, and volumetric lighting. In Boundless, no two worlds are the same. They are procedurally generated from thousands of different terrain properties and hundreds of block types to achieve giant chasms, towering mountains, twisting alien terrain, floating islands and complex underground cave systems.

If you buy a high enough tier or the collector's edition on Steam then you can build your own worlds in the World Builder. If you prefer one type of grass shade, bring it back to your home and plant it there.

Buy a pre-release package, and you will have instant access to the development build of the game on Windows or OS X, have your say in our feature surveys, discuss the game with us and other backers on our forum, and help shape the game. Getting in at this early stage also brings exclusive benefits that won't be available after launch. TWO early access slots today, each with the rewards listed below! FOUR early access slots today, each with the rewards listed below!

EIGHT early access slots today, each with the rewards listed below! If you buy the game here you will also get Steam keys to redeem and access the game via Steam. The tiers above offer a combination of "Instant Access" keys and additional "Launch Keys" for you to share with your friends and family when the game fully launches. The "Instant Access" keys give access to the game today via Steam Early Access and will unlock the tier's perks once they become available in game. The "Launch Keys" give access to the base game and do not include any additional perks associated with your tier.

Wonderstruck was founded in by ex-Lionhead and EA veterans. We're a team of artists, designers and engineers who love to make online games. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We love voxel and procedural games! We're making features that we've wanted in a voxel game for a long, long time.

Keep an eye on our News section to see how we do things differently. We're based in the UK heart of the games industry, Guildford. We're excited about sharing the game and talking about what's to come. Explore a vast universe of connected worlds. Build an empire with friends. Explore Creatures Unique Worlds. Collaborate in a citizen-driven economy where everyone is connected. To gain ultimate control, sign up for a personal world. Collaborate Guilds Economy Own a World.

Build on a small scale or large scale, alone or with friends. Place Beacons to claim land and protect your creations.

Open Portals to create pathways across the universe.