Kazansky's Price Guide (Updated May 13)

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I didnt make the price guide, some guy referred from a friend asked me to help, so i helped moderate the discord. I did not make the prices. I dont really like price guides either, thus is why i didnt help trading guide rotmg the prices. What makes us different? Anyone can help contribute and discuss prices they trading guide rotmg are not up to date. The price guide is located at www. How can I help? Special Thanks to Scamproof for generously giving us free web hosting and domain name.

Hope to see you there! That thread should be pinned to. Well, yeah, but this price guide is so complete it should be added there. Of course, the chance of that is unlikely so maybe a moderator trading guide rotmg can pin a thread with a bunch of useful links that could be added on to constantly by requests from the users. Man all these random discord poping up… all become abandoned after a few weeks or less. They have used like 2 months for planning.

After dealing with idiots and trading guide rotmg years ago about kasanskys price guide, i say death to all price guides.

Things are worth what ppl are willing to pay for them not what some dingle berry puts up on a website. Does anyone know what happened to the one up on guidescroll? Many of the low and high trading guide rotmg are inaccurate because of this. The only true way to have accurate prices is strategi pilihan binari yang paling selamat ulang tahun an actual mercher is assisting in making the guide.

Going off of realmeye alone can be decieving and false. But its only people making it, i facepalmed when i saw the skins since it was empty they literally have spent around 2 months on it. They were what I found most interesting on the price guides. Keep up the good work though. Nice try buddy, colo sits pretty comfortably at 2. This will help so many new players, hats off you you guys. Realm Price Guide Community Hub. Now before you say it: Sincerely, Trollalola and OshyuRill reddit post: So far it seems like something I could make on my own in a few hours.

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Changelog last 2 updates: The following is a price guide. Use it as a suggestion for the approximate value of a RotMG item in a trade. Please note however that there is no such thing as a "correct" price. Items do not have some sort of inherent price, and these prices aren't determined by me or any other one person. Also remember that prices change, and can change very quickly which is why I try to keep this guide updated daily.

Keep in mind that different people may value different items differently. My guide only tries to capture an average. If you have a coral silk which this guide prices at def, and you try to trade for an elder which is also priced at , don't be upset if your trade is declined even though both those items are worth the same. The person you're trying to trade with may already have 10 coral silks, or maybe he just doesn't play leather classes, and thus values his elder at 10 def and your coral silk at 6 def.

I also need to discuss a little about how I come up with these prices. First of all, you need to understand that the value of an item doesn't just come from how powerful or how rare an item is the supply. The value of an item also comes from how many people want that item the demand.

For example compare the vengeance armor and the shadow magus robe - the vengeance armor t10 is actually rarer and harder to get than the shadow magus robe t9 , but the robe is still worth more.

This is because more people play robe classes than melee classes, so the demand for the shadow magus is much higher than the demand for the vengeance armor. To determine the prices in this guide, I try to look at the supply versus the demand for an item. A pretty good representation of supply versus demand for an item is how many people try to buy an item versus how many people try to sell an item.

Let's say I step into the nexus and there are 10 people all trying to sell a moon robe for 4 def, and only 1 person trying to buy a moon robe. Even though everyone is selling moons for 4, simply because there are so many more sellers than buyers, the supply is higher than the demand, and the price should be lower. If I had moon as 4 def in my price guide and this was the situation at hand, I would go ahead and lower moon to def even though no one was actually trading moon for 3 def.

Alright, thanks for reading all of this. I know that sometimes I get upset at people who try to give me feedback that I disagree with, but I honestly do appreciate all of it.

Not only do I appreciate it, I need all the help I can get - the goal is for this to be everyone's price guide not just Kazansky's price guide. I don't trade every item in the game all the time and I don't sit in nexus all day, so if you think any prices are inaccurate, please PM me on forums or leave a comment here. Have a nice day. Pots are used as the currency of RotMG, with defense pots as the base unit.

Most of the items in this guide will be priced by def pots. Obviously since all of these items are new the prices are still extremely unstable. Use this as a very very very rough guide. Priceless item, since no way to get more of them. It does not mean an average of It means at least 20, but can go all the way to infinity.

Fire water may be worth slightly more since it heals hp instead of the hp or mp of all the other wines.