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Invest in professional-grade gold and silver with the click of a button on Elemetal Vault's online trading platform. There are thousands of different kinds of metals inside our planet, but only a select few earn the distinction of being called precious. Trading precious metals online metals are those special elements which are extremely rare and in high demand. Gold and silver are two of the most desirable precious metals on Earth for a number of reasons, including their trading precious metals online appeal for jewelryindustrial use and their long-term store of value.

Up until recently, investing in wholesale precious metals was strictly for large-scale trading firms and professionals. Futures markets were closed to the everyday investor, and besides, buying and storing the troy-ounce gold or silver bars held by the central banks just isn't practical for individuals looking to own precious metals. Individual investors were forced into paying the higher premiums charged by precious metal retailers.

By giving individual precious metal buyers the opportunity to purchase a designated pool of a bullion bar, allocation opened up professional markets to a much wider audience — from the home collector to the hedge fund manager. Owning allocated precious metals is similar to having an ETF exchange traded fundexcept with allocation you actually own the tangible investment.

With Elemetal Vault's easy-to-use online platform, trading in precious metals like gold and trading precious metals online has never been simpler. In fact, trading precious metals online as easy trading precious metals online After you open your account and verify your identity, you will be directed to your trade page.

From here, you can see up-to-the second spot prices, view your available balance, fund your account, instantly buy and sell at current prices, withdraw your precious metals holdings and much more. We invite you to browse our trading precious metals online to learn more about how the process worksas well as our FAQ's.

For more information about the benefits of investing in precious metals, visit our Gold and Silver Trading Knowledge Center. Ready to start buying and selling gold and silver on the most innovative platform available? Click here to register. Store your precious metals, gold, and silver in a secure bullion vault storage.

With Elemetal Vault, we partner with the most trusted secure vault facilities in the world to keep your investment safe. When you purchase gold trading precious metals online silver on the Elemetal Vault bullion exchange, you own the metal, it is yours to hold or sell, even as it's in transit to the vault. Your metal belongs to you until you choose to sell it or settle your account using one of our versatile settlement options. We trading precious metals online you to explore our site and learn more about our bullion vault storage and precious metals trading services: How to Trade Bullion Online.

Home Precious Metals Trading. A New Frontier of Precious Metal Trading Invest in professional-grade gold and silver with the click of a button on Elemetal Vault's online trading platform. The rise of allocated precious metals changed everything…. Elemetal Vault's unprecedented, easy-to-use trading exchange gives everyday investors a platform for shielding their net worth from market fluctuations by exposing their portfolio to precious metals.

Unprecedented access to industry-leading prices of precious metal bullion — no middlemen. Insured storage of your tangible assets in our high-security, guarded vault.

Versatile settlement options via wire transfer, insured delivery, or by shopping online at ProvidentMetals. Join the Exchange Ready to start buying and selling gold and silver on the most innovative platform available?

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Institutional investors and individuals trade precious metals in several different ways. Institutional investors typically follow a complex supply chain involving direct mining operations, mints, and large dealer networks. The most common trading methods for individuals include investing in mining companies and exchange traded funds as well as purchasing precious metals via jewelry shops, coin dealers, online precious metals dealers, and conventions.

Jewelry and manufacturing companies, with enough money and resources, often purchase raw gold directly from mines and refine it themselves. Coin dealers purchase precious metals from mints, master dealers, and dealer networks. The process begins with extracting and refining precious metals. The typical process involves:. Individuals have two main options when trading precious metals: How Do People Trade Metals? How Institutions Trade Precious Metals Jewelry and manufacturing companies, with enough money and resources, often purchase raw gold directly from mines and refine it themselves.

The typical process involves: Ore extraction - Mines extract ore from the ground and either refine and extract the metals themselves or sell raw ore to a refinery that then refines it. Refinement - Mints and manufacturers purchase large amounts of either unrefined or refined precious metals. Mints refine the precious metals and use them to make bars, rounds, bullion, and coins.

Manufacturers use precious metals in their manufacturing process. Wholesale sales - Master dealers purchase the coins, rounds, or bullion bars from the mints.

Depending on the size of the mint, such as the U. Mint, master dealers must have millions of dollars in order to purchase wholesale precious metals. Mints do not sell directly to the public with the exception of special products such as proof sets.

Master dealers usually do not sell to the public either. They distribute products through dealer networks networks of dealers that buy and sell large amounts of precious metals to and from each other and directly to dealers. Retail sales - Dealers purchase large quantities of precious metals from master dealers or dealer networks and sell them to the public. Individual investors purchase precious metals from the dealers. How Individuals Trade Precious Metals Individuals have two main options when trading precious metals: Stock market investments - Investors can invest directly in mining and exploration companies by purchasing company stocks or bonds or investing in mutual funds that purchase tangible precious metals.

In either case, you do not hold any physical precious metals nor can your stocks be redeemed for precious metals. Instead, you purchase shares in companies or mutual funds that hold physical precious metals or contracts backed by precious metals. These companies take a portion of the assets it holds in managerial fees.

Investing in mining and exploration companies - These companies explore and mine for precious metals. Factors other than the price of precious metals, such as management and the cost of extraction and exploration can affect the stock prices of these companies. Exchange traded funds - With an exchange traded fund ETF , you buy shares in a fund that purchases and holds physical precious metals or future contracts. Each share represents a share of gold bullion rather than a group of individual stocks.

Buying and selling physical precious metals - Many individual investors buy physical precious metals at jewelry stores, local coin dealers, online dealers such as AmagiMetals.

Jewelry stores - Most gold and silver is used for jewelry, making jewelry stores the obvious choice for purchasing gold and silver jewelry.

Local coin stores - Local coin stores tend to be smaller than large online dealers. They typically offer a variety of products ranging from collectible coins to investment-grade coins.

Most local coin dealers can appraise bullion, collector's items, and proofs as well as buy and sell precious metals. Online precious metals dealers - Reputable online companies provide the largest variation in investment-grade precious metals. This appeals to first-time and seasoned investors alike. For example, investors just starting out may be interested in purchasing 1 ounce silver coins while larger investors may want to buy ounce silver bars.

In addition, you can usually find the best prices online and receive quantity discounts. Coin and jewelry conventions - Coin collectors often join large coin collecting groups such as the NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and trade coins at group meetings or at coin collecting conventions.