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And there is a new line added whenever an order fills or partially fills. There is a separate line for each individual fill. The Trade Activity Log is very useful to analyze precisely what trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc happened with a particular order and the source of all actions on that order.

Every time the Status of an order changes, the price of the order changes, the quantity of the order changes, or there is an order fill, then there is a separate line added for the order in the Trade Activity Log. To determine all of the actions on an order, be sure to select Orders or All Activity in the list box at the top of the Trade Activity Log, containing these options. In the log itself, the field Order Action Source indicates what the source of the action on trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc order was.

In the case of Non-simulated trade activity in the Trade Activity Log, this trade activity is added to the log based on real-time order events received from the Trading service you are connected to and historical order fills and order data if available downloaded when connected to the Trading service. It is important to be aware that there can be missing order fills. For field descriptions, refer to the Trade Activity Fields section. This section documents all of the controls and menu commands on the Trade Activity Log.

These are located at the top of the Trade Activity Log and on the menu. This list box filter allows you to display Order Activity, Fill activity, or Order and Fill activity.

Order Activity are the details of an order every time the order status changes. New orders are also logged. In the case of a fill, the Fill Price field is the price of that specific fill. In the case of Order Activity, the Fill Price field is the average price of all of the fills, if any, for the order at the time of the logging. Select All Symbols to display Trade Activity for all non-simulated symbols.

Or, select a specific symbol to display only trade activity for that particular symbol. Usually non-simulated symbols are for live orders. However, if you are connected to a simulated trading account with your Trading service, the these will actually be simulated orders. Symbols with [Sim] in front of them will display Trade Activity data for orders which are simulated and processed internally in Sierra Chart. This also includes Order and Fill Trade Activity for orders which were submitted from a chart or charts that were replaying or during an automated trading system Back Test.

These are simulated orders only because only simulated orders are possible trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc a chart is replaying or there is a Back Test being performed. In that case select the particular Internal Order ID you want to display.

These controls set the period of time of the trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc data to display on all three tabs of the Trade Activity Log Trade Activity, Trade Statistics, Trade. Set these controls to the period of time that you want to display and press the Apply button to apply the changes. Trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc Round Turn Commission value is set on the Additional tab and is for the trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc or symbol pattern selected in the Symbols list in the Global Symbol Settings window.

The currency of the commission value can be any currency and should be denominated in the currency of the symbol.

Since this is a round turn commission, it applies for every 2 units of the total filled quantity for a Trade. Therefore, if you set a Round Turn Commission of 1. In the case of stock shares where the quantities are much higher than futures, you need to take this into consideration when determining the commission value.

For example, you may want to set a commission of. So a trade of shares would have a commission of For further information, refer to Global Symbol Settings.

When the selected symbol in the Symbol list on the Trade Activity Log is set to All Symbolsthen this is automatically implied to be Currency Value and this setting does not have any effect on the Trade Statistics, Period Trade Stats tabs.

All entries except for historical order fills downloaded from the trading server, in the Trade Activity Log are timestamped in UTC using your local computer clock. The computer time is converted to UTC time. Therefore, it is important that your computer's clock is set accurately. For more information, refer to help topic Historical order fills downloaded from the trading server are timestamped using the UTC timestamp with the fill itself.

The Trade Activity Log data is automatically saved. Non-Sim is for non-simulated trading and Sim is for simulated trading. Saving too many days of data in the Trade Activity Log potentially could cause Sierra Chart to take longer to start. However, this actually depends upon the amount of data actually contained in the Trade Activity Log. This means that Trade Activity data with a Date which is not older than today minus the number of days specified will be saved.

If these are from a chart Replay and the dates in the chart you were replaying, are further back from the number of Days you are saving in the Trade Activity Log from the current date, then they will not be saved even if you just did a replay and simulated trading today. Any of the tabs of the Trade Activity Log except for the Trade Statistics for Charts tab, can be saved to a text file. The fields in the text file are separated with a tab character.

If you have saved the log as explained in the Saving to a Text File section above, then you can print it by opening the log text file in a text editor such as Windows Notepad or Wordpad and printing it from that program. This section documents clearing simulated or non-simulated Trade Activity data from the Trade Activity Log.

Data can be cleared for a particular symbol and a particular Trade Account or a combination of the two. For step-by-step instructions to clear Trade Activity Data, follow the instructions below. Or, possibly the data has missing or inaccurate order fills, in which case you will want to start from a clean state at a particular point in time. So this is a method by which the data can be limited and not accumulate past a certain number of days, in the Trade Activity Log.

The column widths of data on any of the tabs at the Trade Activity Log can be adjusted larger or smaller by left clicking on the boundary between the columns on the header and dragging to change the width. Refer to the image below. The Text Windows font is what controls the font properties. For more information, refer to Fonts. Follow the instructions in the Viewing Historical Trade Activity section to view order fills. When the settings at the top of the Trade Activity Log are set correctly including the Trade Account control that lists Accounts and the Date Range to Display settings, then all of the order fills which can be displayed based upon those settings, and are already stored by Sierra Chart will be displayed.

If you do not see the order trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc you want to see, then they were never received in real-time by Sierra Chart from the trading server and Sierra Chart was not able to request them from the trading server.

Trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc is a separate setting for non-simulated order activity and simulated order activity. In general, the only way to be assured all the time of Sierra Chart receiving an order fill is for the order to have been entered from Sierra Chart, and for Sierra Chart to be connected to your Trading service trading account at the time of the order fills. Otherwise, there are various conditions can cause the order fill not to be received by Sierra Chart.

The order fills need to have a correct timestamp when they are provided trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc historical fills and the time on the computer needs to be accurate for order fills received in real time. If the time on the computer is not accurately set, this can cause a condition where you can see a real-time received fill in the correct order in the Trade Activity Log but when the Trade Activity Log is refreshed, you will not see it in the same place because it will be moved to the correct location based on its actual Date-Time.

However, the time on a computer would have to be significantly offer this to be an obvious problem. For information about setting the computer's Date-Time, refer to help topic In almost all cases, this is the source of a problem of apparent missing data. However, keep in mind that only order and fill activity from orders entered and filled while Sierra Chart is running, is guaranteed to be in the Trade Activity Log.

Order and fill activity from trading performed outside of Sierra Chart, is not guaranteed to be in the log. Order fills which occurred when Sierra Chart is not running are not guaranteed to be in the log. Or an extremely unlikely condition is an error was encountered when writing data to the Trade Activity Log. In a rare case, it is possible the Trade Activity Log could have become corrupted. The file is unlikely to have any usable information in it. In the case of a corrupt Trade Activity Log file or for other reasons of missing Trade Activity data, you can restore a backup of the Trade Activity Log file which are maintained by Sierra Chart.

In our experience, external Trading service servers usually maintain trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc limited history of order fills.

Often just for the current trading day. At the end of the trading day, when the new trading session begins, they are usually cleared from the remote trading server. This is something to keep in mind. Sierra Chart processes these historical order fills and inserts into the Trade Activity Log, any missing order fills received. The Trade list in a chart, if the chart is maintaining a trade list and if the Symbol and Trade Account of the chart matches the symbol of the trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc order fills, is also rebuilt.

If the missing order fills are not available from the server and you are still missing order fills in the Trade Activity Log for a particular symbol, then you may want to follow the Clearing Trade Activity instructions for a symbol to reset the Trade Activity for that symbol back to a clean state.

At any historical point in time when there is order activity for a symbol, and in some cases when there is a connection to the trading server, you can determine the Trade Position Quantity for a symbol. You may also see a line in the Trade Activity Log when connecting to the trading server which indicates the Internal Trade Position Quantity has been synchronized to the Service Position Quantity and it includes the Trade Position Quantity from the server at that point in time for the symbol.

Follow these instructions to provide this to Sierra Chart support. These need to be set correctly for the symbol. Those are specific for the individual chart only. The Order Fills from this text file can be later imported into the same or different installation of Sierra Chart. Only the Order Fills from this text file will be imported. Lines in the file where the ActivityType is " Order " will not be imported.

Also, duplicate Order Fills will be ignored. More details about trading profit and loss account questions and answers doc are explained below. If you do not want to import this data, and you want the Date-Times in the global time zone setting you have Sierra Chart set to, then instead use Saving to a Text File. If you are running multiple automated trading system back tests for the same Symbol and Trade Account, and want to export this data and later import it, it is recommended for each back test, you use a different Trade Account to keep these tests separate from each other.

Refer to Selecting Trade Account. This statistics information is based upon the order fills currently displayed on the Trade Activity tab. The information does not update dynamically unless there is a new order fill added to the Trade Activity tab.

The trade statistics are displayed in a group of rows and columns.

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